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"Trust and believe that Divine energy helps and heals." - Bruno Gröning

Our Seattle circle of friends meets every ten days on Sunday afternoons and Tuesday nights to learn about and practice the teachings of Bruno Gröning. Here you will learn a simple technique to absorb the divine healing wave ("einstellen") that Bruno taught in his lifetime - and that tens of thousands of people practice today all over the world. You will about the nature of illness and a path to healing - and ways to help keep your health mentally, spiritually, and physically. You also hear about thousands of medically verified healings that are happening all over the world - and in our Seattle community too!


• We are open to people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE AND NATIONALITIES

• All MEETINGS ARE FREE (Donations are accepted to cover the cost of printed materials and other costs.)

"Nothing is incurable. God is the greatest physician." - Bruno Gröning

Bruno (1906 - 1959), creating a sensation from 1949 to 1959 in Germany when he led MASS PUBLIC HEALINGS. His language was simple and the help seekers came from all walks of life. Their successful healings were, and remain, remarkable. Bruno said, "Everybody will experience help and healing from within. Everybody will be his own physician."

Watch this video to hear about contemporary successes.


Bruno's short life touched many and his work is carried on now by the internationally recognized CIRCLE OF FRIENDS, one of the largest nonprofit organizations in the world. This organization provides training, materials, and support to seekers of health in 1000s of communities around the world, ALL FREE OF CHARGE. The organization was recently awarded the UN PEACE POLE FOR THEIR OUTSTANDING WORK by the United Nation's World Peace Prayer Society (WPPS), on May 23, 2013.


Since the mid 1980s, a medical/scientific group has existed that DOCUMENTS AND MEDICALLY VERIFIES HEALINGS through this divine healing stream. We hear about these healings during our regular community hours.

As when Bruno was alive, everyone is free to consult with their doctors. There are NO MEDICAL CONSULTATIONS, EXAMINATIONS, OR TREATMENTS in our group. The divine healing stream supports every aspect of our lives.

"Do not be credulous. Convince yourselves." - Bruno Gröning

Bruno Gröning emphasized that no one should take his word for it, or even the word of others - they should be open to learn more and then convince themselves through their own experience.

Please join us to hear our members experiences with help and healing in their lives through Bruno's teachings.

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Formal Introduction to the Teachings of Bruno Groening

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Documentary Screening of "The Phenomenon Bruno Groening"

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Formal Introduction to the Teachings of Bruno Gröning

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