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If you have ever worked with new or emerging technologies, such as AI or ML, you may have noticed a staggering difference between what these technologies can do, and what is actually being done in practice. You will see sales people talking about how advanced their businesses are in adopting AI, Robotics, Blockchain, etc., making sure they list all the popular buzzwords, but hidden behind them are rows of workers with pocket calculators, punching numbers into Excel tables, demand prediction solutions done by human guessing, and workers in developing countries exploited with 16 hour work shifts in inexplicably unrobotised factories.

One of the reasons why we think this could be happening is the great divide between the so-called “technical people”, who have visibility into how exactly these technologies work and what their opportunities and limitations are, and the so-called “business people” who have visibility into the real world problems, the complexities of their processes and company politics. We think that if these two groups could be brought together to learn to understand each other, even empathise with each other, we could actually create the future in real life, not just in advertisements.

Our motivation behind starting this forum is to bring these two worlds together, learn from each other, and get together in an informal setting, where we can have real, honest conversations about what we can do for each other or how we can collaborate.

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Codemotion Online Tech Conference - May 18-20, 2021

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ML Conf EU 5-6. 11. 2020 (remote)

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Codemotion Online Tech Conference - October 20-22

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