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First meeting

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Panu K.


First meeting of the Helsinki Clojure meetup group! You can suggest speeches / presentations to


17:00 welcome, something to eat&drink

17:20 Data the ultimate abstraction, Miikka Koskinen, Metosin

Have you noticed that many new Clojure libraries use data for abstraction instead of macros and functions? What's up with that? Is it a good idea?

We'll take a look at a couple of examples of this trend and think about how they fit into a broader perspective of programming paradigms. You'll learn about why it's a great approach and what the downsides are.

18:00 Styling Reagent Components Easily with stylefy, Jari Hanhela, Solita

stylefy makes it possible to define UI component styles as Clojure data. When styles are defined as Clojure data, they can be easily transformed with Clojure's powerful functions (like merge) and parametrised.

18:40 discussion about forthcoming meetings and cooperation/relations with other clojure meetups

19:00 free social interaction

Meet you all there!


Alvar Aallon katu 5 · Helsinki
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