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Welcome! This time, we will have some talks about Nix, the purely functional package manager:

We will also have time to have some few lightning demos, where volunteers might talk about some various things.


We will also have food and drinks at the meetup, and sauna on the premises afterwards.




"Building and Deploying a Haskell App with Nix, the Case of Brickdash"

by Martin Potier

"In order to raise awareness of nix in the company, and because we needed an always-on supervision tool for different statuses of our software development, we build a small Haskell application called Brickdash. This application is running on a refurbished laptop running NixOS. This presentation is about how we build and deploy it and some general considerations on the benefits of going the nix route."


"Nix-ify your Psc-Package dependencies"

by Justin Woo

Justin will present his project Psc-Package2Nix, which can generate derivations for your PureScript dependencies using information from Psc-Package. In this talk, Justin will go over what is normally involved in writing derivations, identifying how derivations commonly break and what to do to debug them. As a bonus, he will show how you can write simple derivations for things like binaries in tarballs and Perl scripts to easily consume them from your projects.