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Are computers coming to replace lawyers? Should I start a legal tech startup? And where is Finland in all this? This group is for all lawyers (including law students) interested in doing law in a better way using technology, as well as technologists interested in letting their skills loose on the legal system, and bringing these groups together. (Formerly known as Helsinki Legal Tech Meetup)

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Helsinki Legal Hackers follow-up planning meeting (DATE TBA)

Finnish Legal Tech Forum is dead, long live Helsinki Legal Hackers! As agreed in the first reboot meeting, we continue planning the future of the LH Helsinki chapter at Fondia on DATE TBA (Meetup doesn’t allow leaving the date blank but definitely not on Midsummer Day, probably not on Aug 31 either). If you have ideas for future events or other things to do at the intersection of law, tech, design and innovation, or if you want to help in organizing them, please join us! (We are also striving to organize at least one actual event before the summer is over, so stay tuned!)

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Helsinki LH planning meeting and FLTF AGM


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