• HPW goes to Lux Helsinki 2017!

    Cafe Kappeli

    It's time of the annual Lux Helsinki (http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en/) meetup! We'll see and photograph the light installations in Esplanadi, Kauppatori etc. Where: starting point: inside of Cafe Kappeli, Eteläesplanadi 1, Helsinki When: 16.45. What to take with you: Tripod and/or fast lenses can be useful Remember: to wear lots of warm clothes. We can visit cafes and pubs if/when the cold bites us :)

  • Helsinki Photography Walk returns to Nuuksio

    Nuuksio has been requested as a destination again, so let's go there! This time a bit outside the central parts though, as we head to Sorlammen Luontopolku, close to Brobacka in Nuuksio. The trail is about 5-6km long, and provides very varied terrain, from steep rocky hillsides and stream valleys to lakes. There's even a small cave to have a look at. We meet at the car park in Brobacka, next to Nuuksionmaja Juhlatila (address Nuuksionkuja 2, Espoo) around 13:00. The busses 245 and 238 take you within 100m from the parking area if you arrive by public transport. Expect the hike to take about 2-3 hours, depending on how much the shutters will fire. We walk regardless of weather, so dress appropriately ;) The latest forecast can be checked here: http://www.yr.no/place/Finland/Southern_Finland/Nuuksion_Pitk%C3%A4j%C3%A4rvi/ If you run late or need to get in touch with the organiser, send a message through Meetup to Jens or comment on this event!

  • Helsinki Photography Walk goes West Harbour

    Ruoholahti Metro Station

    At last, Helsinki Photography Walk meets again. This time we will enjoy the beautiful West Harbour area near Hietalahti. Let's meet at Ruoholahti metro station Thursday 25th August at 5pm. From there, we'll continue towards Jätkäsaari and then Hietalahdenranta, Hietalahdenlaituri, Nosturi, and Kaivopuisto. On the way, we'll see boats of varying size as well as the old Wärtsilä cranes. The distance from Ruoholahti to Kaivopuisto will be little less than 3 km. In Kaivopuisto and Hernesaarenranta, we'll have several cafés and restaurants to spend a little moment together. Accoring to the 10 day weather forecast, it should be a nice cloudy weather with no rain. The event will take place even if it did rain, in that case just bring your rubber boots, raincoats and umbrellas with you. If you have any questions or concerns, or you arrive late, you can call me in [masked]. See you all next week! Br, Suvi

  • Helsinki Photography Walk goes Nuuksio


    Join us on an afternoon walk in the lesser traveled parts of Nuuksio National Park on Saturday 4th of June. Meet up at 13:40 at Kattila, a mansion from the 1930's in the northern parts of the park. Buss 85A from Espoo train station goes directly there (timetables: http://aikataulut.reittiopas.fi/linjat/en/e85.html ). Just ride the bus to it's final destination (pun intended), where it should arrive at the Meetup time. We'll spend about 15-30 minutes around the Kattila main building, then head out onto the trails south of Kattila. Estimated distance for the hike is about 4-5 km, relatively easy terrain. We'll probably move fairly slow though since everyone is busy taking pics, so plan to stay in the woods for about 3-4 hours. In terms of distance, there are options to make the hike longer if we want to but not really much to make it shorter. If we feel like it, we can have a short picnic about half way at a lake we'll pass also (no fire place at the lake, so bring a cooker if you want to boil/heat something). Keep an eye on the forecast found at http://www.yr.no/place/Finland/Southern_Finland/Nuuksio/hour_by_hour.html (http://www.yr.no/place/Finland/Southern_Finland/Nuuksio/hour_by_hour.html.). If in the morning of the Meetup at around 10:00 it looks like it's going to rain throughout the day, or there is a major downpour forecast for any of the hours we'll be on the trail, then we'll probably cancel the walk. But we'll confirm in the Meetup comments either way. Since this is a bit more than your good old walk in the park and we might have people joining who are not that experienced in moving through the woods, I'll provide the following minimum checklist for stuff that would be good to take along: - Good walking shoes which can withstand a bit of water and dirt. It's nature. It's muddy. Deal with it ;) - A water proof jacket - Water to drink for the entire walk - Some snacks. A good rule of thumb for a half-day hike is to carry enough for a full meal at least. - Any potential medicines you need. - Insect repellant (the mosquitoes should not be too bad yet this time of the year, but just in case) And finally a SAFETY NOTE: It is very possible to get lost in the forests of Nuuksio, so if you're not familiar with the area, make sure you stick to the group! Shout out if you fall behind and keep an eye out for each other. We will do a head count before and after the hike, and would like them to match ;) If you want to cut out earlier or take a different route back out it is up to you, but let your guide know. Otherwise we might fire up the Search and Rescue for no good reason ;) Having said that, this is an easy walk so even if you've never stepped foot on a forest trail in your life, I doubt you'll have problems. Hope to see you at the Meetup!

  • Helsinki Photography Walk goes Lapinlahti

    Needs a location

    Lets discover the area of Lapinlahti, the former mental institute of Helsinki, located at the seaside between Ruoholahti and Hietaniemi cemetary. We'll meet at 18pm at the crossroads of Lapinlahdentie and Birger Käcklundin raitti which are at an easy reach from Ruoholahti metro station and tram 8 on the side of Mechelininkatu (Marian sairaala). There's a cafeteria in the hospital area where we can have a cup of coffee afterwards.

  • Helsinki Photography Walk goes to Lux Helsinki

    Helsinki Photography Walk welcomes you once again to the traditional Light Festival Lux Helsinki (http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en) meetup! About Lux Helsinki 2016 Presenting inspiring light artworks and a festive atmosphere at the darkest time of the year, Lux Helsinki 2016 will feature a number of artistic highlights from European light festivals and several commissioned works specially created by artists for the event. The artworks will be on display along a new route running from the Ateneum Art Museum to Annantalo, centering on the Esplanade Park, Bulevardi and Annankatu. The festival will also become a more diverse, urban event with a greater focus on street food that will be available at Senate Square and Annankatu. All works will be displayed between 5 pm and 10 pm without interruption, but their running times will vary. Lux Helsinki organizers recommend that people dress warmly and wear comfortable shoes for the festival. It is worth bringing rainproof clothes in case of rain. Homepage/programme: http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en Info - FAQ: http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en/proposals HPW meetup schedule The plan is to follow a similar route to the one suggested by the Lux Helsinki organizers, as shown on the links below. Map: http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en/map Video: https://youtu.be/Ecg3w3LU_mY We should meet at the Ateneum inner yard, the area between the Shop and the Café, at[masked] and wait for the 'academic' time of 15-20 minutes for whoever might be running late before we start checking the artworks. [masked] Ateneum indoor courtyard 17.00 Ateneum landing, 3rd floor (http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en/node/626) (installation no.3) Ateneum Courtyard (http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en/node/624)(installation no.2) installations on the way to the Senate Square ***************************************************************************** Please note that the time references are only an approximate estimate from this point forth ***************************************************************************** [masked] Since there's going to be street food service in the Senate Square, this can be a good chance to get something warm to drink and/or eat, as well as a meeting point for the ones who either couldn't make it earlier or the ones who needed more time to check the artworks on our way. [masked] Leaving the Senate Square, on our way to Tori Quarters, Sofiankatu (http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en/node/634) (installation no.7), the installations at the Esplanade Park and then off to the ones at the Old Church Park (http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en/node/642) (installations no.11 & 12). [masked] Meeting at the Window of Bar Loose (http://www.luxhelsinki.fi/en/node/646) (installation no.13). Then off to Bar Loose for a drink, while waiting for everyone to get together again. 21.15 Checking the next three installations in Annakatu. ***************************************************** Stay tuned for any possible updates to the schedule! *****************************************************

  • Helsinki Photography Walk goes Cartier-Bresson Retrospectiva

    Location visible to members

    ********** Those willing to meet up for a drink, after the museum closes at 5 pm,can get together at Kaisla, in Kaisaniemenkatu 7. ( https://goo.gl/maps/pzXpYqGjGNN2 ) ********** PLEASE NOTE: Admission fee is 13€. However, there is a DISCOUNT ADMISSION FEE OF 11€ FOR GROUPS OF 10 OR MORE PERSONS!!! So, if the ones really willing to check the exhibition get together on time and make a group of 10 or more persons, they can take advantage of this offer! Some members might already have a museum card so, whether we can take advantage of the discount offer or not, that can only be determined when we all get together. The exact same event is also announced at the Helsinki Culturish Club (http://www.meetup.com/Helsinki-Culturish-Club/) group, with the hope that at least 10 people without a museum card can go together to the cashier's office at the same time, in order to take advantage of the discount offer. ********** INFO: Ateneum is bringing to Helsinki a retrospective exhibition of Henri Cartier-Bresson, one of the pioneers in street photography and, as considered by many (including myself), one of the most influential photojournalists in the world. The work of Cartier-Bresson can be an inspiration for photography enthusiasts and the members of this Helsinki Photography Walk group! User of a 35 mm rangefinder camera and co-founder of Magnum Photos (the most prominent co-operative agency of photojournalists), Henri Cartier-Bresson is the master of applying the idea of the so-called 'Decisive Moment' in photography. To be more specific, according to Bresson, "photography is the simultaneous recognition, in a fraction of a second, of the significance of an event as well as of a precise organization of forms which give that event its proper expression." That captured fraction of a second is the 'decisive moment'. About Cartier-Bresson: @Magnum Photos: http://www.magnumphotos.com/henricartierbresson @Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henri_Cartier-Bresson About Ateneum's exhibition: [masked] -[masked]) http://www.ateneum.fi/en/henri-cartier-bresson Ateneum’s retrospective exhibition will include almost 300 photographs, archive material and films related to the story of this star of international photographic art. The exhibition is presented together with Magnum Photo from Paris and the Henri Cartier-Bresson Foundation.

  • Let's Shoot Lauttasaari Water Tower


    Sorry for the short notice time, but the City of Helsinki has decided to demolish the water tower of Lauttasaari and they are in the middle of the demolition. The idea of the photo walk is to photograph the remains of the tower before it disappears completely. After that we have the options of shooting sunset and autumn foliage and/or make some long exposure photos of the bridge nearby depending on the light depending on the light and mood :) Meeting point: Next to Cafe Picnic: Lauttasaarentie 29, Helsinki At least busses 65A, 66A, 103T from Helsinki should stop nearby. There's some construction site near the bus stop so the busses may stop a here and there instead of the actual bus stop.

  • Helsinki Photography Walk goes Jokipuisto Sipoo

    Jokipuisto, Nikkilä

    This time we will explore an area a little bit further away from Helsinki, at the lovely countryside of Sipoo. Nikkilä is a village located in the Sipoo municipality, at about 35 km east from Helsinki. Nikkilä used to be the home of the Psychiatric Hospital of Helsinki, where thousands of people from Helsinki received treatment between years 1914 and 1999. Famous for it's beautiful architecture, the hospital was also a forerunner in art therapy.Today, many of the buildings have been turned into apartments and the area is called Itäinen Jokipuisto (Eastern Riverpark) After the walk, we will have lunch together at the nearby Indian restaurant Masala which is very popular among the locals. Here are some alternatives on how to get to Nikkilä by public transport: Train H : leaves from Helsinki Central Railway Station at 9:48, stay off in Kerava, take bus number 985 at 10:20, stay off at bus stop Itäinen Jokipuisto on Uudensillantie. (arrival time 10:48) Bus 788: leaves from Central Railway Station (Ateneum side) at 10:40, stay off at bus stop Itäinen Jokipuisto on Uudensillantie. (arrival time 11:23) As for the return, you have the following options: Bus 787K at 15:43 Bus 788K at 17:47 If you have any questions concerning this meet up, don't hesitate to contact me either by message or by phone at [masked]

  • Helsinki Photography Walk goes Suvilahti

    Kalasatama Metro Station

    Hi all Helsinki Photography Walk enthusiasts! It’s time to meet again for a Photo Walk. This time we will explore the abandoned dock of Kalasatama and the coastline of the Suvilahti factory area, which is also known for many cultural happenings. Some of you may remember that we visited the same neighbourhood one year ago, but that was at a time when most of us had not yet heard of this group. So let's return to this photogenic surrounding. Suvilahti is a very famous and interesting industrial area. Above all it is a great place to have some very nice photo shoots! The Walk is approximated to take about 3 hours. In the end of the walk, at around 6pm, we have the chance to have a coffee or drink in the lovely Ihana Café. I hope everybody will enjoy the Photo Walk! Br, Adam, your host on Sunday tel. [masked] Ps. The meeting point will be Kalasatama’s metro station where we will begin our photo walk journey to Suvilahti. Be prepared for the upcoming weather conditions. The forecast will be approx. 19 C, mostly sunny and fair weather when the Photo Walk takes place!