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Vegan Food and Brews at Modern Times in Encinitas!
Let's get together at the new all-vegan Modern Times in Encinitas! They serve burgers, brats, nachos, breakfast burritos, and snacky bar food...all 100% vegan. Their beer selection is extensive. I'll have a table with a sign on it for our group. Feel free to stop in for a quick round or hang out for a while and enjoy the company and atmosphere. This place has been extremely busy since they opened (very encouraging for us vegans) but I will save as much space as I can if I know you are coming :)

Modern Times Far West Lounge

470 S. Highway 101 · Encinitas , CA

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What we're about

We are about!
Excellent food has the power to connect people, start conversations, and enhance life.
We are a group for people who love to eat amazing tasting food. Our food is always 100% Vegan (of course) but it MUST taste delicious! This group will feature events like dining out, cooking classes, and field trips to vegan restaurants.

If you…

~Believe that the taste of vegan food matters above everything else
~Wouldn’t be satisfied with just brown rice and steamed veggies for a meal
~Insist that your food is every bit as good tasting as carnivores
~Are willing to spend money on world class vegan food and experiences
~Would be interested in fine plant-based dining
~Love exploring new foods and new cuisines
~Dream of lingering over multi-course dinners
~Are willing to pay a little more to get the best
~Would like to lure carnivores to the table

Then this group is for you!

Many non-vegans discount vegan food as tasteless, boring, and lacking texture. It’s time to change that perception. Vegan food can (and should) be every bit as delicious as non-vegan. Our food brings no harm to any other being, the planet, or our own bodies but it can do more than that. It can be eye-rollingly, world-alteringly delicious!

My quest for almost a decade has been to make food so amazing that people don’t long for meat or dairy. It doesn’t even cross their mind. When the food is delicious and fun to eat, everyone wants some. To me, it’s very important to make food that everyone will eat so that loved ones can share meals. I love to change minds and hearts one plate at a time.

We are a very welcoming group that doesn’t believe in preaching, condemning or posturing on who’s “more vegan”. Wherever you are in your food journey, from 100% vegan to just open-minded, this is a safe space for you to explore plant-based food.

“Give light and people will find the way.” - Ella Baker

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