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Nowadays, Hong Kong is a place full of pressures. If you want to make more friends and relieve your pressure. Here is a good place for you. Here is a place to relax and talk whatever you like to talk.

When you arrive, you just get the seats and form a group with 4-5 people.

Here have coffee, tea and milk tea and cookies to serve for you.

You just need to enjoy yourself.

Venus: Easton Hotel (event room)
Entry: 50 HKD (one person)
90 HKD (two person)
40 HKD for student
This is an activity that meet different friends in different business and have a relax time after time. And we prepare a little card game for each of you.

If you want to join, please leave your mobile no. And we will contact you asap.
Hope to see more people to enjoy the days and relax yourself.

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素食分子 InnoVeggie

一齊黎食buffet喇! Hkd$120 自費 Have a tea after work Topic: Veggie buffet Our group is to have a place to relax at weekend and to talk with new friends. If you want to make more friends. Just come and enjoy. 題目:素食 大家可以食飯或飲嘢. 認識新朋友, 而呢個朋友可能成為你男/女朋友, 合作夥伴, 志同道合朋友 . 籍今次聚會希望幫到大家擴闊社交圈子, 拉近你與他/她距離. 同一班朋友/新朋友閒話家常, 無任歡迎, 希望你一齊黎食buffet喇!

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