What we're about

How do you make a great movie or a short video? If you already know, or think it would be fun to learn by making short films, come join us. No experience necessary, only bring fun and enthusiasm as we experiment with telling a story or joke on film, doing a character study, or whatever other things we figure out to do with video and sound. If you have some experience, even better.

We will make several short (1-15 minute) films, in a fun and playful environment where everyone can experiment, learn, and have fun learning parts of the craft of film making. Be willing to make flops too, and figure out what to do different!

Here are some skills you may pick up (or bring in if you have them):

· Writing, creating scripts, generating ideas. On your own, or in a group.

· Artistic flair, for costumes, sets, for creating a storyboard, a vision of what to produce

· Acting, Voice, Singing, Musicians, to write original music

· Sound, Camera/Cinematography, Lighting, Editing

· Graphics, Animation

· Directing, Logistics, Managing

Put your film shorts on and let’s have some fun!

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