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The power of the voice to express and transform and the power of sound for relaxation, insight and transformation. Whether that is finding your voice, for creative expression or for healing on all levels of being. Workshops for creativity such as vocal art and tone poems, Songs and Chants for the Earth, also workshops for healing such as voicebath, chanting, voice therapy, drum circles and drum journey, Soundbaths and Gongbaths. (Drum Journey, Voicebath, Soundbath and Gongbath workshops are passive - for participants to receive / experience effects of sound rather than making it themselves. The other ones are participatory and active.

The groups are anticipated to build relationships between members especially during the longer workshops and as time goes on by creating rapport and learning from and supporting each other. It will be necessary to contact me prior to attending a session.

Upcoming events (4+)

Yurt Soundbath

The Quiet View

People have been asking me about a Soundbath at the beautiful Quiet View..and here it is! Experiencing sacred, healing and therapeutic sound in a circular space is very special.

Time to relax and restore. Apart from the deep nourishing relaxation and the enjoyment of being bathed in sound, benefits people often experience are increased sense of self awareness, feeling more connected to self and life, feeling cleansed or clearer, reduced stress and anxiety, help with pain control. You may also receive information or insight.

During this sort of sound work, as the brainwaves entrain to a slower rhythm, we enter a state of consciousness akin to meditation where stress hormones lower, blood pressure and heart rate drop and the brain’s sodium and potassium levels can be balanced. In this state, cellular regeneration can occur.

The BAST method of sound bath meditation is designed to help facilitate this very deep relaxed state. People usually find sound an easier way to achieve this state than by meditating.

Apart from the deep relaxation there’s also usually a great feel-good factor.

Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and bottle of water

Booking Essential £15 / £13 concs.

To book a space at the Soundbath or for a private session please contact me

Bump to Baby Sound Healing and Lullabies

Shakti Den

For pregnant mums and those with little ones. Come sing to your baby! Bond with your baby before and after birth. The sound brings greater ease of attachment and reduced anxiety. We will do some beautiful but simple lullabies, some toning and chanting and have simple instruments and somw wooden toys for the babies to play with.

Babies can hear and respond to your voice from 26 weeks so don’t wait until baby is born. Your voice is so special baby. Newborns can distinguish mum’s voice from another in 1 second.

As babies prefer familiar music, when you sing songs baby heard in the womb it calms them very quickly. And these songs should calm you quickly too. When stress hormones get too high they actually pass through the placenta. And once baby is born how calm we are affects them massively. Singing and chanting calm us down, partly from changing our breathing and you don’t have to be a singer!

It’s your voice that is most special to baby. We all used to sing to our babies, it’s only really fairly recently that many people stopped. Not only is it relaxing and enjoyable, babies feel, see, hear, together – not separately (synaesthesia) It is a whole body experience. So there’s a big correlation between motor movement scores and musical ability. Babies who do music have better language development. Premmie babies who are sung to actually go home earlier and their speech and motor skills develop quicker.

We do toning and chanting which are meditative vocal practices that help calm and self regulate, usually felt as very enjoyable, relaxing and connective. We also learn beautiful lullabies from here and around the world. Limited to 6 adults so booking ahead essential. £6 per adult

Imbolc Sacred Earth Chants

The Quiet View

Celebrate the Promise of Spring, the hope in the darkness, the knowledge that there is growth starting under the earth, ready to shoot. Honour our beautiful Mother Earth and the elements with simple sacred songs and chants; sending healing out with our voices, reconnecting us to deeper parts of ourselves and All Our Relations.

We will be in the lovely cosy yurt at the beautiful Quiet View for an afternoon session of joyful songs and chants with a break for for tea and healthy snacks. If the weather is good enough we will also share a little time in the lovely garden.

The songs are simple, yet powerful, especially when sung as a group. No experience necessary. Suitable for beginners and those with more experience might enjoy adding harmony parts. We will also try some simple rounds. We will start with simple warmups for breath, body and voice.

There will be some opportunity to add drums too for some of the songs if you would like to, so if you have one you are invited to bring it to add to the healing energy.

We shall sing some of our familiar chants and some celebrating the festival of Imbolc- the energy shift between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox, a time when although we are noticing it getting get lighter again, winter is often at its coldest and bleakest.

The songs are very meditative and usually felt as nurturing, joyful, uplifting and connective. The songs help take us into a gentle, meditative state.

Please bring something you love or meaningful to connect with the Earth- stone, plant, crystal, feathers, natural object if you wish.

Booking Essential £22

Therapeutic Drum Circle

Shakti Den

Therapeutic sound work with the drum incorporating simple rhythms for entrainment, mini drum baths, intuitive drum healings rhythm games and a fun jam. Suitable for beginners and more experienced players.

The drum has been used for healing and altering consciousness since ancient times. The BAST method of drum therapy brings modern understanding to inherited wisdom. We start by playing simple rhythms together to achieve a deep relaxed (yet often energised) state.

In each session you will also have the opportunity to either give and receive a short drum sound bath (People tend to love this!) or work intuitively with the drum for healing which develops your skills and confidence with sound healing. One of the most joyful parts of the session is the jam. Sometimes we direct the sound for Earth healing, other times just for joy. You will need a drum though I do have a couple available to borrow, please ask me beforehand.

*This session is offered as part of a 4 week block or different sound and voice sessions. £12 drop-in if there is space *Booking Essential

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