What we're about

The power of the voice to express and transform and the power of sound for relaxation, insight and transformation. Whether that is finding your voice, for creative expression or for healing on all levels of being. Workshops for creativity such as vocal art and tone poems, Songs and Chants for the Earth, also workshops for healing such as voicebath, chanting, voice therapy, drum circles and drum journey, Soundbaths and Gongbaths. (Drum Journey, Voicebath, Soundbath and Gongbath workshops are passive - for participants to receive / experience effects of sound rather than making it themselves. The other ones are participatory and active.

The groups are anticipated to build relationships between members especially during the longer workshops and as time goes on by creating rapport and learning from and supporting each other. It will be necessary to contact me prior to attending a session.

Upcoming events (5+)

Therapeutic Drum Circle

Peace by the Sea

Therapeutic sound work with the drum. The drum has been used for healing and altering consciousness since ancient times. The BAST method of drum therapy brings modern understanding to inherited wisdom. We will play simple rhythms together to achieve a deep relaxed (yet often energised) state. We usually do a jam with the intention of sending healing to the Earth and another jam at the end just for the joy of it. You will also have the opportunity to give and receive a short drum sound bath if you choose. You will need a drum though I may be able to lend one, please let me know beforehand. Booking Essential £10. Please bring a bottle of water with you.

Toning Circle

Needs a location

• What we'll do Our second regular Toning Circle. These will be every month, on the third Tuesday. The session will be before Mantra, so please feel free to come to either or both sessions. Experience the power of vocal toning with intention for healing. We will tone first for the group, raising our energy and altering our consciousness. Then we will tone for Earth Healing. Finally, people who would like to will be invited to lie or sit in the centre of the circle to receive from the group. £5. • What to bring please bring a bottle of water • Important to know

Sacred Healing Mantras

Meditation by the Bay

• What we'll do Sanskrit Mantras are very old and have been used for healing and for facilitating a deep meditative state for thousands of years. Sanskrit is no longer spoken but it is the language of the Ancient Indian Texts and Scriptures, though the mantras can be completely non religious, actually pre-dating organised religion. I find the feel and sound of them very powerful and beautiful. There are mantras all for different purposes, many for healing and spiritual growth. I love to sing them and I invite you to come join me and experience the power of sacred healing chanting for yourself. Whilst mantra can be used for facilitating a meditative state, many people also find them to be uplifting and joyful especially when sung. £5 • What to bring bottle of water • Important to know please do not arrive before 6.55 as we will be finishing Toning Circle before then! Thanks :)

Lunchtime Soundbath meditation with Gong and Himalayan Bowls

The Tranquility Space

Time to relax and restore. Apart from the deep nourishing relaxation and the enjoyment of being bathed in sound, benefits people often experience are increased sense of self awareness, feeling more connected to self and life, feeling cleansed or clearer, reduced stress and anxiety, help with pain control. You may also receive information or insight. During this sort of sound work, as the brainwaves entrain to a slower rhythm, we enter a state of consciousness akin to meditation where stress hormones lower, blood pressure and heart rate drop and the brain’s sodium and potassium levels can be balanced. In this state, cellular regeneration can occur. The BAST method of sound bath meditation is designed to help facilitate this very deep relaxed state. People usually find sound an easier way to achieve this state than by meditating. Please bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket and bottle of water Booking Essential £12 or £10 Earlybird by Thursday 25th

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