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Our location is a game store located in Roswell Georgia focused on bringing the Family back into "Family Game Night". Each night we have events which are tailored to teaching kids of all ages how to play tabletop games. Our current schedule has Theme Nights, but is open to anyone interested in playing games within the store:

Sunday - Starfinder, 13th Age, Wrhammer

Monday - Star Wars X-wing, Star Wars Legion, DBZ

Tuesday - MTG: Commander, Local School PTA Spirit Nights, Tabletop Tuesdays

Wednesday - Pokemon League Night

Thursday - Dungeons & Dragons, Numenera

Friday - Magic: The Gathering Casual Play

Saturday - Shadows of Brimstone, Parents Night Out, Game Nights / Special Events / etc

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Magic the Gathering: Friday Night Magic

Heroic Gaming

Its time for Friday Night Magic once more. We will be having three main events. All night we will be launching Single Round Elimination Draft, for $13 with $32 dollars in store credit being split between the winners. Starting at 6pm, we will be having Swiss Standard that is free to play for all. This is a great time to come down and learn how to play, or to test out that new deck that you have been building. Then at 7:30, we will be starting Swiss Draft. The entry fee is $15 and you will receive a pack per round win. We are excited to see you here!

Yu-Gi-Oh Tournament

Heroic Gaming

Every Friday Night, Sean Miler is hosting a Swiss Yu-Gi-Oh tournament. This is a great time to stop by, test out your skills and you deck, and just have some fun. The entry fee is $5 and you will have the chance to win store credit.

Pathfinder Group 2: Kysar: Under the Cold Green Sky

Heroic Gaming

I would like to take this chance to thank Heroic Gaming for having been home to this gaming group since the store opened . Now that there is a question as to whether or not it is safe to be out in public and interact with other people, Heroic has decided to shut their doors on Saturdays until the crisis is over. This effectively shuts down this game group until further notice . Hopefully once this pandemic panic is over , this group will resume play at this shop, perhaps not . If the players are willing to play at another location we will consider as a group that option going forward. Most of you have my contact information , if not I can be reached through this page

Kid's D&D Group - non AL

Heroic Gaming

Due to the COVID-19 virus, I will not be running any games for at least two weeks. Dan

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Dungeon Crawl Classics

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