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What we're about

A collection of local brewers to share tips experiences and challenges.

Who should come?

Anyone in Hertford or surrounding areas with an interest in brewing, who wishes to share their experiences. Those who've never brewed before are more than welcome too!

What do we do?

We meet every couple of months to offer feedback to each other on our brews. Some of the group enter BJCP competitions and are training to become BJCP judges.

We will be joining in with Hertford's annual food festival in 2016!


Hornsmill community centre usually. Check the event for details. Bring a bottle or two down! (Doesn't have to be your own brew either could be your favourite commercial beer!)


We meet every 2 months (approximately), see future meetups for details.

We also have a separate mailing list where most of the discussion and organisation goes on - please join this list by visiting the site here:

http://mistlethrush.co.uk/mailman/listinfo/... (http://mistlethrush.co.uk/mailman/listinfo/hbab_mistlethrush.co.uk)

We are now using Slack messaging app as a discussion forum if you want to join in:

(The mailing list remains for archive only)


You can also find us on Twitter @HertfordBrewers (https://twitter.com/HertfordBrewers) and Facebook/Instagram.

See also http://www.hertfordbrew.club where we also have a blog.

Past events (97)

February 2023 - The Clone Wars

Black Horse Pub

January - TryAnuary!

Black Horse Pub

December Meetup

Black Horse Pub

November 2022 - The Land Before Hops

Black Horse Pub