Branding your start up to increase sales by Hayut Yogev

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Branding is the process of creating an identity and differentiation for our company/products. In doing so, we maximize the company’s value separately the shareholders (which, after all, it the ultimate purpose of any company). Value is measured both in terms of revenues and profitability, as well as in terms of the company’s perceived value – the brand.

As opposed to the widespread belief that we must advertise an image to build a brand, and to advertise a price or product to generate sales, all marketing activity should be designed to create sales and build the brand at the same time.

In this lecture, we will discuss the following issues:
• The five basic elements at the heart of building and positioning a brand.
• Creating a marketing activity plan that works to establish the brand and sales at the same time.
• How do you leverage the brand to secure leads?
• How can you use existing customers to strengthen the brand, on the one hand, and drive future sales on the other hand?

About the speaker:
Hayut Yogev is the CEO of Gaia-VSM. Gaia specializes in building market strategies and marketing for technology start-up companies.
Gaia's strategy process leads the companies to concentrates on the greatest opportunities to increase sales and achieve a breakthrough to international markets through the shortest and most effective route.
During the last 6 years Hayut worked with many Israeli start ups, amongst them: Tvinci, Timocco, Typemock, JustParkIt, Visualead, Whichit, Nipagesh, Etc.

Before Gaia, throughout her 27 year career, Hayut officiated as a VP Marketing and General Manager at a wide range of international and local companies and brands such as Nokia Israel, Bagir Israel, Danshar, Lipton, Energizer, Hain, Tami 4 and many more.
Hayut brings extensive experience in business management, strategic planning, marketing and commerce.