Magic Leap One and Meet AR Startups

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Starting by hearing Arie Croitoru, an expert developer for AR/VR and the founder of Israel's Unreal Engine group, shares his experience with Magic Leap One, the new talked about headset for augmented reality, and about developing for it on Unreal Engine.

Following up with a series of interesting talks from new emerging Israeli AR startups and projects and their vision to change the world.

Finally Oren Shneorson, of AWE Israel will share more details about the most important Israeli AR conference to date and some exciting news.

*This event will be held in English.


6:00PM - Meet and Greet: Connect With Our Community

6:40PM - State of AR Industry Briefing

6:50PM - AWE Israel (8th Nov.), with Oren Shneorson

7:00PM - Magic Leap One First Impressions And Developing For It On Unreal Engine, with Arie Croitoru

7:45PM - Break + Real-World Hang Out and Chill Time

8:00PM - RestAR: From Physical Products To AR, Why And How?, with Bar Saraf

8:20PM - How To Illustrate AR Practical Use Cases, with Avraham Raskin

8:30PM - Stops: Geo-Based Aggregation & Crowdsourcing Of Quality Content For The World Of AR, with Eitan Chamberlin

8:50PM - Shout Out and Announcements

Talks and Speakers details:

Oren Shneorson - AWE Israel:
The most important International AR/VR conference to come to Israel for the first time is almost upon us.
I will share details of the event, what to expect and how and why you should engage the international community of AR/VR companies and investors that will attend the conference.
A veteran entrepreneur of Silicon Valley that immersed into the AR/VR industry for the last years, now back in Israel he is aiming to make Israel into a powerhouse for the new age of AR/VR.

Arie Croitoru - ML1 And Unreal:
The talk will be about ML1 impressions - the device itself, tracking, software interface etc.If time allows i'll show how to get started with developing for ML with Unreal.
Coming from a background of 2D and 3D design I started using Unreal Engine in 2014. I have created the TLV Unreal Engine Meetup in 2016 and have been leading the Unreal community in Israel since then. My company Virtu VR Design offer real time and VR experiences for architecture, film, games, simulation and basically any enterprise app.

Bar Saraf - RestAR:
RestAR has developed a unique solution which makes it possible to scan objects at an exceptional quality using only your existing phone, hear about how they do that and the use case they are exploring in the food industry.
The Co-Founder and CEO of RestAR. Former VP Products at Tradeo (acquired) and RapidAPI. Former CEO and Founder at Inviter (got 20% of the IL market in bootstrapping). Former network security team leader in the IDF.

Avraham Raskin - AR Practical Use Cases:
You've either heard of Pokemon Go or Iron Man, and you look at both of them and think 'What has this got to do with me... this stuff is for kids.. or billionaire techies'. How can we illustrate and excite people about the real practical possibilities enabled by AR?
Avraham worked in AR for a couple years, first on designing the interface for AR glasses at Meta. Than worked on Augmented Sound, one of the 'as-yet unbuilt' branches of Augmented Reality, and now working back with Augmented Vision, creating and exciting people as to the real possibility for this new paradigm.

Eitan Chamberlin - Stops:
Stops is currently rolling out AR-ready apps that provide unique geo-based creation and collaboration tools for travelers and their providers, all the while harvesting and aggregating trillions of highly-accurate, geo-based facts for everyone around the globe to enjoy.
The CEO & Founder of Eitan has spent the past 12 years of his 25-year entrepreneurial career in the travel industry running his own travel company Samson Tours. Where he has seen this mega industry's pains from all sides.

Looking forward to see you all and Shana Tova!