XR-Consciousness: How XR Could Rewrite Human Psychology

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Find out how the latest XR brain-science research could enhance your XR projects...

Popular sci-fi series like “Black Mirror” plumb the depths of technology and its murky, paranoid effects on vulnerable human psyches. We’re already hotly debating the psychological implications of social media and mobile. Imagine when these technologies are considered primitive.

Imagine when our physical and mental reality meshes with XR techno-reality...

Join us as we journey into the not-so-distant future and explore the immediately practical and far-out implications of XR on our perception of ourselves and the world. How can our current projects benefit from the latest brain-science research? Will we ever achieve XR-consciousness? And how could XR change what it means to be human?

* This event will be held in English.

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6:30PM - Meet and Greet: Connect With Our Community

7:00PM - State of AR Industry Briefing

7:15PM - XR-Consciousness: How XR Could Rewrite Human Psychology, with Rotem Bennet

8:45PM - Shout Out and Announcements


Rotem Bennet - XR-Consciousness: How XR Could Rewrite Human Psychology
We’ll explore the fascinating connections between body, mind and technology and how the latest cutting-edge brain-science research could impact your XR projects. You’ll discover what brain researchers mean by the body-mind “continuum” and understand new concepts like illusory embodiment, sensorimotor control loops, physical and virtual self-extension, and other highly relevant phenomena. It could be argued that XR will rewrite the very notion of "reality", "body", "self", and even human "thought".

Rotem has extensive industry and academic experience mixing computer-science, psychology and neuro-cognitive research. At Microsoft Research Labs he helped incubate Microsoft's Hololens MR project and several other virtual-interaction ventures. Currently he’s a postdoctoral fellow in the brain-research lab of Prof. Simone Shamay-Tsoory at Haifa University. Prior he specialized in VR-based PhD research at the Technion's Virtual-Reality & Neuro-cognition lab with Prof. Miriam Reiner.

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