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The High Vibration Tribe is a growing group of friends who seek to elevate their experience on this planet and fulfill their purpose. We aim to raise our vibration through proper hydration, diet, detoxification, essential oils, meditation, prayer and healthy relationships. Our individual goals find refuge and excitement in meeting other like-minded people. We are motivated by the belief that our bodies have the ability to heal themselves and we understand the importance of practicing a high vibration state to remove blocks that slow the healing process. At the heart of our gatherings is the desire to enhance our own journey and to be an inspiration to the people around us. We take careful consideration of the choices we make and how they influence ourselves, our planet and others. We aim to incorporate better habits into our lifestyle that will ultimately enhance the lives of the next generation.

Some of the classes we have include topics on proper hydration, diet, detoxification, essential oils, iridology and meditation.

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