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Sprint to the Finish Line - 2018 Goal Setting Strategies Workshop
Last meeting for the year! Let's end this one with a BLAST and work together to meet our goals/set new goals for the coming year. We can brainstorm small ways that we can work together to hit those goals and move yourself closer to the finish line!

Royal Oak Public Library

222 E 11 Mile Rd · Royal Oak, MI

What we're about

What would it be like to capture a dream you have, hold it in your hands, and then watch it finally come true?

If you’re like us, you have dreams bigger than your heart can hold, but somewhere between carpool, work, laundry, and everyday life those dreams are pushed to the bottom of your to-do list until you can’t imagine they could ever become a reality.

Maybe you'd love to run a marathon, write a book, or travel to Europe. Or the desire of your heart might be to stay home with your kids, have a baby, or buy a new home. Or maybe you've been hoping to start an Etsy shop, earn a promotion, or go back to school.

No matter what you've been longing to do, your dreams are beautiful and worth your time and attention! But New Year resolutions and our best intentions fade before January ends, and that great big dream you have slips away, year after year.

Did you set some goals for this year and you just now realize it’s September and you haven’t hardly done a thing to accomplish them? Are you telling yourself it’s just too late in the year to start now and you’ll just wait until next year to get going again?

That's where the High Achievers' Accountability Group (HAAG) comes in. When you join this group, we can help each other SPRINT to the finish line of 2018. There are still 3 good months left this year to work toward accomplishing your goals. The purpose of the HAAG is to serve as a facilitation and accountability group where we can work together to get to the finish line. We will meet regularly to monitor progress and encourage each other.

Together, we can accomplish great things!

Note: This group is only for those with serious intentions of achieving an identifiable goal.

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