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New in town? Your friends moved away or are too busy? Looking for a special person? Or just bored?

We’ve been in the same boat and our personal experience made us create the very special HighFive Friending Formula ;-) Join our next event !

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Making New And Unexpected Connections 🌟 Europe Online #14

🌼⭐️ Every friend was once a stranger ⭐️🌼 Another edition of HighFiveFriending ONLINE, where you connect with others in several short one-on-one meetings, with video and audio. A quick and easy way to meet new people without leaving the comfort of your home. The event is promoted in several channels and groups, not only here. Usually it will sell out. 🌼⭐️ How does it work ⭐️🌼 You will be welcomed personally by the host who manages all the meetings. After your check-in you will be introduced to a new person every 8-10 minutes. Your personal favourites and short ice-breakers are provided to get the conversation started. There will also be one or two breaks to relax your mind and stretch your legs. The total duration will be 1 to 1,5 hours. Your can also leave any time earlier. After each meeting you can choose to share your details. At the end you receive a list of the people that like to stay in touch with you. It is a fun and low-pressure way to expand your social circle in these challenging lockdown times. For this Europe Edition we invite people from many European cities. To have a new destination once the lockdown is lifted ;-) 🌼⭐️ To participate ⭐️🌼 • Use any computer, tablet or large size mobile. No need to download or install anything, most browsers work (Chrome on Windows and Android, Safari on Apple devices). • Get a ticket for only EURO 2,50 (to support our custom-build video platform and promote the events): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/104882931672?aff=mup • EventBrite will send you a ticket by email. Later, WE will send a SECOND email with your unique and private access link to our own platform. • Use that unique access link to join the online event from 10 minutes before the start to give the host time to check-in all participants. 🌼⭐️ Looking forward to talk! ⭐️🌼 If you have any questions please feel free to contact us here or at [masked]

Meet your Next Best Friends & Make Unexpected Connections

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🌟 Fancy meeting people for socializing? 😎 Do you want to network smartly? 👯 Or both? There are many meetups in Lisbon but NONE like ours: our special mobile APP will literally guide you from one person to a next person. Spend 10 minutes to exchange hobbies, interests, desires, longings, ideas. At the end you can access their contact information directly. A fun, easy and low-pressure way to expand your social circle quickly! Download our app before you come: https://h5f.in/app If you are in for a little more challenging, the APP also offers you with each round a thought provoking question to bring your conversation to another level. Say GOOD-BYE TO: 🐷 THE AWKWARDNESS of approaching strangers at a crowded event 🐷 HAVING TO INVENT EXCUSES to get rid of that person who wants to tell you their entire life story What previous participants say about us: https://www.meetup.com/HighFiveFriending-Lisbon/events/241071792/. Your 💰 contribution is 5 EUR (to cover our active hosting and keep our APP developer motivated ;-) - please bring in cash). HOW IT WORKS: 🎉 Download our app before you come: https://h5f.in/app 🎉 THE EVENT STARTS: A picture of your first connection pops up in the app so you can find each other and chat ONE-ON-ONE. 🎉 FEEL RELAXED while connecting. The app does all the work by introducing you to the next person every 8-10 minutes. Contact info will automatically be available to you at the end of the event! Level of english or portuguese does not matter. Everyone is welcome. We will provide water and red wine. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below. See you Saturday!

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