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PLEASE READ TO THE BOTTOM... Lots of changes going on...and Meetups starting again!

Did you know that no amount of positive thinking would overcome or undo the magnetic energy of your negative thoughts?

Did you know that your negative thoughts, emotions and beliefs have accumulated over eons of lifetimes and are carried forward in the current live with a powerful effect?

Did you know that to have foundational change (rather than a Band-Aid) this energetic baggage must first be neutralized?

This is just one part of the insightful and powerful Higher Self information I share with everyone in my Meetup Groups. My name is Janet Richmond and 30 plus years ago I attended a group that gave me access to the most life-changing processes, information and techniques I'd ever encountered before or since. What I learned was so clear, all encompassing and life changing that I devoted myself to developing my own connection to this Higher Self frequency. Eventually I made the decision to sell my business and embark on a new career to teach, share and encourage others what I had been so fortunate to learn and to benefit from.

I wrote my first book on the subject, CHOICES: Neutralizing Your Negative Thoughts and Emotional Blueprints and then started my Meetup Group in 2010 to share the simple but effective ways available to anyone determined to break their destructive, despairing or simply frustrating life patterns.

Growth and change is always afoot so over time, I have focused on different Higher Selves information. Neutralizing is always a part of the material but I've also imparted more and more expanded information. This winter and spring (2016) I held my first "Super Hero School 101" to help everyone understand their soul's journey, the 5th dimension, how they fit in, how to connect with their inner power and how to manifest their destiny patterns more easily and effortlessly. Much of the information (though all of it from the Higher Selves) came from my second book, SOUL PSYCHOLOGY: Our Journey Through the Human Kingdom Universe.

Now, starting on Monday August 7th my WEEKLY HEALING Meetups will start again!

Starting now there will be two Meetups a week (most weeks) that will start on Monday August 7th. I am adding a Monday evening Meetup at a NEW LOCATION in Culver City (Westside at last!) The other Healing meetups will be Saturday mornings in North Hollywood. When you RSVP you will receive the address to whichever location!

The Culver City Meetup and the Saturday Morning North Hollywood Meetup will be primarily for healing. Some weeks I will do 6 individual mini healings on those who attend. Those who miss out one week will go to the top of the list the next. Also, all attendees will learn how to use someone else’s healing to heal themselves and will leave each session having released and neutralized much of their energetic garbage. Other weeks will include a group healing and we will vote on what to work on - for example a disease, world conflict, the planet itself, emotional/psychological upheavals, financial problems, etc. Occasional handouts will also help everyone work on their own. The healing Meetups can be attended as many or as few times as you wish… and each is $20 payable at the door.

The healing Meetups will end December 16th, 2017. Beginning in January 2018, there will be a shift to a new series. There is much to cover!


Starting October 12th there will be a weekly Meetup due to popular demand which will be the second series – Super Hero School 201 - where more of the vital Higher Selves information will be offered. This Meetup at first scheduled to begin Thursday August 10th has been rescheduled to start in October due to peoples travel schedules in August and early September. And then I am away from Sept 14th to October 4th. Please Note: You can join this series even if you have not attended Super Hero School 101.

These Thursday evening informational Meetups will be covering powerful information. I will first introduce the Higher Selves information about the Evolutionary Concepts that are infused in every planet that houses life forms. These infusions include the Lemurian, the Atlantean, the Egyptian, the Higher Heart Concept (Christ Concept) and the New Age Concepts. In week 3, I will begin to share direct information - In Their Own Words - brought in by the 5th Dimensionals carrying the dual soul nature that were in place on the planet 2000 years ago carrying out the Christ Concept.

In the 1980s, Joan Culpepper would go into frequency and the Higher Selves would educate us during the weekly Wednesday group. And in 1987, over a period of months, we heard from those 5th Dimensionals who were responsible on this planet for the infusion of the Christ Concept. Marius (Jesus’ 5th Dimensional name), Sedacus (Apostle Paul), Peter and Mother Mary came forward at different times. They came to us as our equals to explain why the Higher Heart concept did not play out at the proper frequency level (why it was aborted) and how those of us in place now will be pioneering the process to bring the concept up to its highest level. They offered their help because we would be helping them to complete the mission – one that is highly significant for this planet and all souls on it. Thus, together, those from 2000 years ago help those of us in place on the planet today as it is now our mission to help raise the frequency to its purity and perfection for all of the humanities. This is a large piece of the mission we all volunteered for. Not only will you receive the transcribed material after each Meetup, but also Marius has assured me that one of the “Biblical group” will be coming in at the end of each session to give the group either an addendum or an update of some sort. So “yours truly” will go into frequency to bring that information to you.

Due to the nature of the material, there is a change regarding the payment. Because the material builds an important foundation for the first 4 sessions, it is essential that those who are interested commit to coming at least to those 4 sessions. After having attended those 4, the Higher Selves have indicated that random attendance afterwards is absolutely fine. Without the basic context, I would be required to repeat information again and again for all new comers throughout the whole series. With that basic information in hand each of the other meetups will make sense and can stand as valuable all on its own. So I ask that people who are interested to please commit to the first 4 weeks by paying up front the fee for all 4. And then it would be $20 at the door for any other meetup you would care to attend. Please know, the information is unique, powerful and worth it.

Therefore, $80 is payable for the first four. I can send a paypal invoice or you can pay by cash or check at the door on October 12th. If you have to miss one of the 4 weeks and you have already paid for it, you will get the handouts via email, the recording (digital) of the actual meetup missed and will have a chance in the hour before the next Meetup to come early and ask me any questions. If someone cancels with out completing the four meetups paid for, of course the unused money will be returned.

If for some reason you cannot make some of the meetups over time in the series, you can make up parts of it in the future. I will be repeating this whole series down the line. I also will be repeating Super Hero School 101 and will next year be offering a new series on what the Higher Selves call the 5 most important beliefs and habits that we need to release and neutralize… aging, illness, death, dying and the fear of the destiny! Stay tuned!!

Please Note: The information in these Meetups is copyrighted. You can use it for personal reasons only and it cannot be put out on the Internet for any reason without express permission from me.

The calendar is provided below so you can see the Meetup dates each week/month. The sessions last about 2 hours.

Mondays 7 – 9 pm Culver City Healing sessions

· August 7, 14, 21, 28

· September None

· October 9, 16, 23, 31

· November 6, 13, 27

· December 4, 11

Saturdays 10:30 am – 12:30 pm North Hollywood Healing Sessions

· August 12, 19, 26

· September 2, 9

· October 7, 14, 21, 28

· November 4, 11, 18

· December 2, 9, 16

Thursdays 7 – 9 pm North Hollywood - Super Hero School 201

· October 12, 19, 26 (Payment of $80 due on or before October 12th)

· November 2, 9, 16, 30 ($20 due when attending)

· December 7, 14

· January (2018) 4, 11, 18, 25 ($20 due when attending)

· February 1, etc. to be scheduled later

Within this weekly group you can expect a very relaxed atmosphere and a chance to connect with like-minded people who are eager to discover, learn and heal. Even though I will be leading the group, we all are going to be in the process together and the hope is that we continue to build a community. We all have issues, problems, fears, doubts, hopes and dreams that put us as equals in the human condition. Everyone carries the commonalities of the human condition even if one individual’s unique mix of patterns seems so different from someone else's. It will never be about who is wrong or flawed and who is better and more evolved. We will work together on taking steps forward toward creating the lives we want for ourselves and to understand the bigger picture of the Universe.

I invite all to experience this group not only once but many times. Both the healing and informational sessions are powerful and address the questions, misunderstandings, the issues, problems and concerns we all carry from the eons of time we have lived. You are encouraged to attend these Meetups to help you move forward to the life you want to live.

The location is a private residence in North Hollywood CA or a private residence in Culver City. If you wish to attend please RSVP and directions will be sent. Arrival can be as early as an hour beforehand as we like to get to know each other, have time to get questions answered and to start on time. Please feel free to visit my website at HigherSelfVoice.com for more information on the Higher Selves and don’t hesitate to email Janet at

jvvmrichmond@gmail.com with ANY questions you may have.

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Higher Selves Healing Certification Class – Level I

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Higher Selves Healing Certification Class – Level I

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Higher Selves Healing Certification Class – Level I

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