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The Paradoxes of HSPs of Regina - Our group norms:

"We are a supportive community of HSPs, but not a therapy group. We value deep sharing and listening from the heart, yet, some members are overwhelmed by hearing difficult or violent accounts. We hear each other but we don't coach or 'guide' each other. We are about being authentic and enjoying our lives as HSPs, while recognizing when it's challenging and finding ways to go forward! We want everyone to feel safe, here. We honour everyone who is here, and we offer compassion to ourselves and each other, as we find our own ways to care for ourselves and support our own wellbeing. Please join us in maintaining this balance!"

~ HSPs of Regina, SK, Aug. - Oct., 2017

Info about our group:

This Meetup group is open to adults in the Regina, SK area who identify as "HSPs" (Highly Sensitive Persons) as defined by the work of psychologist/author Dr. Elaine Aron.

This group was created for HSPs to meet and share in a safe, welcoming and mutually understanding environment where we are encouraged to embrace our innate HSP traits - what we celebrate as well as what we find challenging.

We have a monthly sharing circle, where we pass a stone around and everyone shares what's going on for them as HSPs. We may have a theme that everyone can talk about and sometimes we have a 10 min presentation by one of our members. These are usually from 7-9pm.

Usually we have another rich, nurturing, calm event every month, like going to an art gallery, the Floral Conservatory, a kite-making day, a walk in the park, board games, colouring, etc.

Lately, we've added cooking as one of our activities!

All of our activities are on a cost-recovery basis.

Being an HSP is a requirement for membership, so please have a look at the book "The Highly Sensitive Person" by Dr. Elaine Aron so you understand what an HSP is as defined by Dr. Aron, before requesting to join.

Please take the test in the book, or at http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-t... (http://hsperson.com/test/highly-sensitive-test/) to determine that you ARE an HSP, before joining. Several copies of the book are available through the Regina Public Library if you'd like to read it without purchasing it.

After reading the book, or taking the test at the website above, if you identify as an "HSP", please feel free to join us!

Please note that this group is not a forum to look for a romantic or sexual connection. This is meant to be a comfortable, safe space where HSPs can relax and be themselves, without worrying about any unwanted and/or inappropriate attention from others. Thank you for respecting this boundary.

If you are an interested non-HSP, maybe a family member, friend, or other interested party, please write to the organizer(s) and we'll be happy to give you some information, point you in the right direction, or answer any questions you may have.

Online expectations:

1) Unless otherwise specified, our events are open only to members of the "HSPs of Regina, SK" meetup group (no guests permitted). This ensures that the limited available spots at events are reserved for our members, and that everyone attending has gone through the steps to become a member: reviewing the book "The Highly Sensitive Person", taking the self-test, and answering the required questions upon joining.

2) To attend, members must RSVP online and choose "Going." Event addresses will be emailed to those who have RSVP'd "yes" since we often meet in people's homes and don't want to make the addresses public.

3) If you find you can't make it to an event, please take a moment to change your RSVP online status to "Not Going", and try to do this no later than 90 minutes before an event begins to make room for member(s) who may be on a waitlist to attend. Please note that members with three "No Shows" (RSVP "Going" but don't show up) will be removed from the group, since "no shows" will prevent waitlisted members from taking any newly available spots.

4) Members must display a first or middle name as part of their profile name. If you would like anonymity from the public, you can change the privacy settings on your Meetup profile to hide all your memberships from the general public. Then only members of the group(s) you belong to will be able to see your name.

If you have any questions, please contact the organizer, Rachel. We look forward to meeting you :)

PS. They made an HSP movie: Here is the trailer - "Sensitive: The Untold Story." https://vimeo.com/127411908

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