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What we’re about

We are a community of Highly Sensitive Women interested in exploring and sharing our gifts. Those with the trait of high sensitivity are often artistic, intuitive, deep thinkers, and empaths. We have so much to offer the world! At the same time, because we notice so many details and nuances others don't and because we feel and process deeply, we may naturally shy away from leadership roles or feel overwhelmed when we have them. To learn more about the trait of High Sensitivity to see if this description fits you, please take the quiz on Psychologist and Researcher Elaine Aron's website at
In our regular community gatherings and retreats, we will invite you to explore your gifts as a Highly Sensitive Woman and invite you to listen deeply to yourself, learning what nourishes you. Our gatherings  provide an opportunity for us to learn from each other what empowerment as an Highly Sensitive Person looks like and how this applies to developing a personal sense of leadership.
Surrounded by 80% of society who isn’t Highly Sensitive, it's easy to buy into a cultural perspective that our gifts are not gifts but weaknesses. Together, we can explore leadership from a new perspective and gain tools - and a network of support - to stand tall in our strength in community with one another and in the presence of the 80% who may not yet be able to see our value clearly.
Tracie Nichols, Brittiney George, and Elizabeth Venart have been working with Highly Sensitive Persons and offering community gatherings, educational programs, and retreats for several years now. Our goal is to grow a strong community of Highly Sensitive Women Leaders who support one another in resiliency, growth, trusting our innate wisdom, and thriving.