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Ohlone College Down to Mission Peak.

Meeting Place:

· Bank of America

· 43591 Mission Boulevard

· Fremont, CA 94539


We will meet here and please park on the street.

I will leave 3 cars inside the Stanford Parking lot early in the morning. This way we can drive people back to Ohlone after the hike. I need volunteers to meet me at the parking lot at Stanford to drop off theirs cars and we can all carpool to Bank of America by 8:30AM.

Carpool meeting spot before the hike. Click HERE (https://maps.google.com/maps?q=43591+Mission+Blvd,+Fremont,+CA&hl=en&ll=37.526541,-121.909575&spn=0.02556,0.046992&sll=37.528319,-121.918008&sspn=0.003195,0.005874&hnear=43591+Mission+Blvd,+Fremont,+Alameda,+California+94539&t=m&z=15)

For Volunteers CLICK HERE (Meet me at 8:00AM) (https://maps.google.com/maps?saddr=Stanford+Ave,+Fremont,+CA&daddr=43591+Mission+Blvd,+Fremont,+CA+to:Pine+Street+and+Aquatic+Way,+Fremont,+ca&hl=en&sll=37.515032,-121.916024&sspn=0.051128,0.093985&geocode=FWlBPAIdTMS7-CknbDrFYsaPgDEHlLKkzE4ryQ%3BFd-hPAId7aq7-CljIDlYucaPgDGG53mKz6BtLw%3BFamgPAId9sG7-CnP08gzo8aPgDENZ5LGTzYbMw&oq=435&mra=ls&t=m&z=14)


Trail head at Pine Street off of Mission Blvd.

Inside Ohlone College. Click HERE (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=&daddr=Unknown+road&hl=en&geocode=Fd6nPAId1sm7-A&mra=ls&sll=37.529272,-121.912322&sspn=0.005037,0.007886&ie=UTF8&z=17)

Peak Trail -0.52 mile

Peak Trail-1.65 miles

Peak Trail-0.12 mile

Peak Trail-0.48 mile, 0.32, 0.19

Total about 4 miles then down to Stanford parking lot.


Distance: 7 Miles

Hiking time: 2-3 hours

Elevations: 1800 feet gain.

Difficulty: Moderate/Difficulty

Make sure bring enough water, snacks/Lunch.

Trail head elevation is around 1000 feet.

We will start the hike at point MP8 then MP7, MP6, MP5, MP4

There is a restroom at MP25.(MP20, MP21, MP3, MP2)



Please be aware that we expect you to take responsibility for your safety while we are out on the trails. This means being prepared with adequate hiking gear and making sure the difficulty level of the event IS NOT beyond the limits of your health & conditioning. We understand that your "Yes" RSVP to this event means you accept this.

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