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Stop leaving Fido watching TV on the couch while you exercise. What’s been stopping you from being outdoors with your bestie, anyway? Is it their manners or lack thereof? Here’s your chance to hike alongside experienced dog trainers and nature lovers.

Your guide is a musher, canine educator, sled dog trainer and renowned dog behaviorists from Canada. His name is Kirk Cushing. He teaches family’s how to rehabilitates dogs with people problems (click here to visit his website (http://www.dogmastersusa.com)).

This is both a fun and free opportunity for pet owners. Some of the things you will learn is how to prevent bad trail etiquette, leash pulling/aggression and general tips how to strengthen your furry-bond with your dog.

If you need to learn how to walk and maintain control of your dog in any situation, we highly recommend you book a private session online beforehand. If you can't make one of our FREE Meetups.com, come to our Group Class. Our Group Classes were inspired by our Meetups and only $28 per person per class with no minimum attendance requirements.

All participating members are responsible for their dog’s behavior and must share the trail and respect each others personal space. Be advised these activities range from low to high energy levels and participating members should prepare accordingly.

The Dog Masters ( http://www.dogmastersusa.com ) not only offers affordable dog training and behavior consulting, but also free educational seminars at Kriser’s Natural Pet Store locations each month.

NOTICE: If an owner and their dog(s), consistently refuses to follow the rules and instructions, they will be kindly ask to hike on a different trail/path and will be removed/banned from the Meetup group. We appreciate your understanding and continued support!

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