What we're about

If you enjoy being surrounded by the immense beauty of nature...
If you dream about life in the great wide open...
Or if you simply need to get away from IM and Twitter...

...Then join us for a Hikeadelic experience.

This group was formed for those who like to be out in nature as much as possible, whether on a nice, warm, sunny day or a rainy and windy morning. There is no absolute standard of fitness required (each hike will have its own subjective rating). All we ask is that you bring a positive can-do attitude and be self-sufficient. No person gets left behind, and we look out for each other as a team.

Hikes are done throughout the Bay Area, and carpooling is always encouraged. So put down that iThing, put on your shoes, pick up your backpack, and let's get on with some adventures!

Past events (48)

99 Problems, but the Beach Ain't One

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Remember the Alamere

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Diablo IV

Mitchell Canyon

Where's Waddell?

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