What we're about

Free hiking and other outdoor adventures in the greater NYC area for people of all experience/ability levels, ages, and backgrounds. With an emphasis on safety, Leave no Trace, and small group sizes. We respect the woods and expect the same of our members! Families with kids welcome. This Meetup group is organized by Vertically Inclined Wilderness Guides (https://verticallyinclined1.com/)

General rules

• The Trip Leader is the ultimate decision maker for the group. Yes, we are all adults, but chaos ensues when groups try to rule by committee. Trip Leaders are encouraged to be democratic, but again, they make the final call.

• All hikers must have proper gear. Anyone who is not properly prepared will not be allowed to hike. (required gear to be outlined before each trip)

• All hikers will adhere to Leave no Trace Principles (https://lnt.org/learn/7-principles)

• Hikers will pay close attention to ability level required for the hikes and will not participate in a hike beyond their ability level. Hikers who are in over their head will be escorted off the trail by a Trip Leader or another member of the Meetup.

• Trip Leaders will never leave anyone in their group behind. The group stays together for the duration of the outing. This also means that participants will not go ahead of the rest of the group. EVERYONE STAYS TOGETHER AT ALL TIMES.

• Group sizes will be kept as small as possible. Catskill hikes will not exceed 12 people, 10-person max for Catskills bushwhacks

• Dogs will only be allowed with permission of the Trip Leader. Please ask at the time you sign up for a hike

• Positivity, encouragement, and all around good vibes will permeate our hikes. Bad attitudes not welcome.

Note: this group is operated by an outdoor guiding company, but not all Trip Leaders are Licensed Guides. Your Trip Leader is in most cases NOT a professional guide. However, we only allow experienced, responsible hikers whom we deeply trust to be Trip Leaders. That being said, Trip Leaders are in no way directly or legally responsible for your safety.

By signing up and participating in a Hikers of New York Hike, you agree to the following:

I take responsibility for having appropriate skills, physical conditioning, equipment and supplies for any Hikers of New York Hike I participate in.

Hiking includes inherent and other risks, hazards and dangers (referred to in this waiver as ‘risks’) that can cause or lead to injury, property damage, illness, mental or emotional trauma, paralysis, disability or death to participant or others. Some, but not all of these risks include: hazardous and unpredictable ground, water or weather conditions; misjudgments made by participants or others; travel in remote areas that can cause potential delays or difficulties with transportation, evacuation and medical care; equipment that can fail or malfunction; the potential that the participant or others (e.g. co-participant, driver, medical and rescue personnel) may act carelessly or recklessly. I understand that the founders of Hikers of New York,Vertically Inclined Wilderness Guides and Hikers of New York Trip Leaders cannot assure participant's safety or eliminate any of these risks. Participant is voluntarily participating with knowledge of the risks. Therefore, participant assumes and accept full responsibility for the inherent and other risks (both known and unknown) of this activity and for any injury, damage, death or other loss suffered by participant, resulting from those risks, and/or resulting from participant’s negligence or other misconduct.

I agree to release and not to sue Vertically Inclined Wilderness Guides or Hikers of New York Trip Leaders in regard to any and all claims, liabilities, suits, or expenses (including reasonable costs and attorneys’ fees) (hereafter collectively ‘claim’ or 'claim/s'), including claim/s resulting from Vertically Inclined Wilderness Guides or Hikers of New York Trip Leaders' negligence (but not its gross negligence or intentional or reckless misconduct), for any injury, damage, death or other loss to me in any way connected with my enrollment or participation in this activity. I understand I agree here to waive all claim/s I may have against Vertically Inclined Wilderness Guides or Hikers of New York Trip Leaders and agree that I will not make a claim against Vertically Inclined Wilderness Guides or Hikers of New York Trip Leaders.

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