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In summary, this group is for anyone like myself that is not retired and has to punch the clock during weekdays but is available on weekday evenings and weekends for a short hike or other outdoor activity to relax and reset.

As you may have noticed, there are many hiking Meetup groups out there. (great groups with great activities!—I’m a member of several myself) This hiking group is different in that its intent is to provide short activities (2-3 hour max with travel time) during evenings and weekends and not during typical working hours (dayshift Monday thru Friday). Because of the activity time constraint, activities will be limited to a max of an hour travel radius from the Folsom area.

Unless otherwise specified in the activity description, all activities will start at the trailhead or activity location. It will be up to the attendees to either transport themselves or coordinate transportation with others to the event start location: directions, ride / fuel sharing costs, transportation of equipment, etc. (but feel free to use Meetup’s group messaging features to do so)


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Humbug Trail Loop Near Raley’s in Folsom

In front of Raley's

David’s Home to Browns Ravine and Back


Humbug Trail Loop Near Raley’s in Folsom

Needs a location

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