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The Ramblers are exempt from the rule of 6 in relation to hikes. The exemption is because the regulations do not apply to outdoor fitness events organised by a “national governing body, club, registered instructor/coach, business or charity; and/or involve someone who has received an official license to use equipment relevant to the activity.” We have paid to affiliate Hiking Manchester with the Ramblers. This means that we are now a club and we have a national governing body on the Sport England database. Event organisers and attendees do not need to be members of the Ramblers. The Ramblers have confirmed that we can now rely upon their exemption as an affiliated club. We are therefore exempt from the rule of 6 and can organise walks with up to 30 people if their protocol is followed. This is subject to the judgment of the event organiser and depends upon factors such as the prevalence of COVID in that area and how remote the location of the walk is, the more remote the better. No event organiser need exceed the rule of 6 if they do not wish to. This exemption only applies to walks in England that follow these four steps:

1. All walks greater than 6 must comply with the Ramblers protocol. This requires a risk assessment using their form which can be downloaded here: https://tinyurl.com/y2ydglwj

2. It is also necessary to have a means to track and trace - insist all people who sign up send their email or phone number. Please download this guide from the Ramblers: https://tinyurl.com/yyca2bqa

3. It is also necessary to refer to and use this general guide: https://tinyurl.com/y3v9yl25

4. Finally, this guide for attendees needs to be linked on the event page and read by all attendees: https://tinyurl.com/yysgko2d

We are a walking, hiking and scrambling group formed in Autumn 2018 with a laid back attitude. Although we are based in Manchester and the North West of England, we put on a range of events from short local walks to all day hikes in the Lake District, Peak District, Yorkshire and North Wales. Walks are graded as easy, moderate and hard. The grading depends on factors such as the terrain, distance, feet of ascent/descent and the speed of the walk. Please check the descriptions carefully. We welcome new members, new walk leaders and event organisers. We are not professional guides and all walks are on a not for profit basis.

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