What we're about

This site is dedicated to those individuals living in Maryland who are interested in exploring the great outdoors !!!

Hiking with Hiking Maryland is a great way to explore the beauty of Maryland, as well as providing an opportunity for fellowship with friends and members. It is important, however, to remember that all hikers are responsible for participating in hikes that match their abilities, and are prepared with the appropriate clothing and gear for each hike and/or event.

Hiking Maryland is run by 100% volunteers and will absorb the $ 15.00 monthly meet-up cost for the site, so our hiking events a free for everyone to come out to fellowship with friends and members. Please note that some parks do require fees to enter and some require payment for parking, this will be the responsibility of the hiker(s) and will be listed on the hike if required. Any other payments for trips are the hiker(s) responsibility and Hiking Maryland is only covering the cost of the meet-up site and not asking for money like other hiking meet-ups groups.

So I want to welcome everyone to Hiking Maryland and we are looking forward to seeing you on the trails and at other social events thru-out the year.



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