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This group is for intermediate hikers.

Do you love hiking with awesome friends?

This group is for people who has experienced long hikes.

I don't speak English fluently. If you don't care it, let's enjoy Japanese mountains together :)

There are three requirements to join.

◎You have experiences to go hiking , or confidence in your physical strength.

◎You wear proper shoes and hiking wear. (can't come with jeans , sneakers)

◎You love and respect nature.

Requiring stamina and fitness

Most Meetup are more than 7 hours average hiking time. I'm afraid that you can't join if you haven't gone hiking more than 7 hours before.


Past events (79)

京都東山トレイル Kyoto Higashiyama Trail

京阪伏見稲荷駅Fushimiinari station(Keihan Line)

明神平周回 Myojindaira Loop⛄️

Karasuma Station

武奈ヶ岳(ガリバールート)Bunagatake(Gulliver route)

近江高島駅 Omitakashima station

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