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Revised January 5th 2019.

Parents with kids that want to hike together. We hike often as a family. When I say we I mean myself, most two teen boys, and sometimes some older folks, that, well frankly, bore the kids sometimes. A lot of the meetup groups we hike with don’t have other teens. I get it. Sometimes I don’t care but sometimes I wish they had another teen around to share their angle of it. So this is NOT a Meetup just yet. But more of a trial to see how many people out there are interest in a hiking group for kids. Ages 7 and up unless you feel your younger ones can handle more. I know some kids can. the Here’s my suggestion. The groups can be any size but a suggested limit to about 30 people total. Unless camping is involved. That will have limits. I typically hike the different state and federal parks and their connecting trails, parts of the FL Trail, etc. I usually hike with my boys (now 11 and 13) anywhere from 5-10 miles depending on weather and/ or park conditions. Now you’re probably not going to bring your 5 yr old on a 10 mile hike. Some people might. Mine started hiking around 7-8 years old. And they do 6-8 miles often. Some days they hate it but I make them go anyway and they never regret it. No smart Phones, iPods, etc. We will take breaks and sometimes eat during or after the hike depending on conditions. I’m thinking only 4-6 hikes the first year. Spread out quarterly ( give or take).

Added comment 1/5: Wow! Can you say wow?! 90 Families are showing interest in hiking with kids! It amazes me I have not seen some of you out there already. Well 4-6 hikes a year probably isn't going to get everyone here a decent few hikes. So I'll work on some more dates. A couple of members have shown interest and recommended some other hikes that we are to discuss when we meet. And I am thinking of setting the first Sunday of every month as a hike day. Then I will fill in some more in between. I will keep you all posted.

Looking forward to our hikes. Thanks for joining everyone!

Jaime C.

Some examples of hikes are:
Seminole State Forest- Part FL Trail
Black Bear Wilderness Sanford
Wekiva Springs

Ocala National Forest

And many others along sections of the FL Scenic Trail.

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Ma said- "Get Out Of The House!" May First Sunday Hike

Lake Louisa State Park

More Details To Follow Soon. https://www.floridastateparks.org/learn/trails-lake-louisa#.XD1Rou0SVo0.link

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March First Sunday Hike

Seminole State Forest Bear Pond Trail Head

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