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Winter Training Hike Series - Tiger Mountain Range

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Hello Hikers,

This series of hikes went great the last two years. Let's do them again!

Please read the entire description so you understand what this event is about.

We're going to explore the Tiger Mountain range in really good detail. By the end of winter next year, we will have done all of the hikeable peaks, and most everything in between. We will probably see a good amount of snow and rain on some of these hikes. We haven't needed snow shoes in the past, but microspikes or yaktraks may be a really good idea at times.

Each hike will be pretty different. There are a lot of interconnecting trails to choose from. Distances will range from 6 to 9 miles, and may reach 12 miles for a couple of them. Shouldn't be much more than a 2300' elevation gain, although there may be an additional up and down or two in the middle on some trails.

Check the comments for the hike event. I'll put up the details of each hike the week before the scheduled hike. Here are just some of the trails we will be hiking:

West Tiger #3: 5.6 miles, 2020' West Tiger #3, #2, #1: 7.8 miles, 2920' Poo Poo Point: 9 miles, 1480' Paw Print Rest stop: 7.2 miles, 1580' West Tiger #3 - Nook trail: 5 miles, 2020' West Tiger #2 - TMT: 9.2 miles - 2230' West Tiger #1: 7.4 miles, 2300' Middle Tiger: 12 miles, 2100' East Tiger: 9.4 miles, 2520' Poo Poo Point,#3: 9.8 miles, 2300' Tiger #3 Cable line: 2 miles, 2020' Mileage and elevation are the total for each hike. Some will be loop trails, others will be out and back.


A Discover Pass is required at this trailhead. (

The 10 essentials. One thing I've noticed in my years of hiking here, many don't bring a map on hikes. It would be a good idea to get the Green Trails #204S map. It covers the Tiger Mountain range we will be doing for this series. Reading maps takes practice. It's an essential skill. From what I've seen so far, GPS devices (phone or otherwise), can't really provide the detail that a good topographical map can, and may have limited availability depending upon the device and location. Anyone want to school me on GPS's, I would gladly learn. A good compass should also be used. Another essential skill to develop. Any questions about reading maps, using a compass, or navigating in general, just ask.

The pace is intended to be a fitness pace. For me, I make it as quick as I can, which is typically 2-2.5 mph up, and 3-4.5 mph down. This series is posted with a couple of other hiking groups, so there is usually some one at everyones pace to hike with. Please don't worry about being slow. Part of the training is being self reliant. Until everyone is about on the very last mile of the hike (I like to have a little sprint down at the end), I'll be the last one down. So we won't be leaving you there.

Every hike I do, there will be hot coffee, tea, cocoa, or soup avialable at the peak or mid-point of the hike. During the hike we can cover any questions you have about equipment, navigation, first aid, regulations, other hikes, or anything else I can help you with.

When I announce the particular trail for the day, I'll indicate which trailhead location to meet at. Use this map to find the trailhead location: Tiger Mountain trailhead parking (

Rain Policy
These hikes are intended to be part of a physical fitness routine. A commitment to consistency is needed to take full advantage of these hikes. These hikes will take place rain or shine. Be unstoppable. Challenge your spirit!

I'll be stopping at the following locations at the time specified for anyone that would like to carpool (if I have room) or follow me to the trailhead.

7:45am - Canyon Park park&ride (,-122.211238&num=1&t=h&z=17) <-- click for map
8:30am - Issaquah park&ride (,-122.061464&num=1&t=h&z=17) <-- click for map
9:00am - High Point trail head (,-121.995149&num=1&t=h&z=16) <-- click for map