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Autumn in Abruzzo, Italy
We’re gearing up to start our winter season in the mountains! I am liaising with my good friend Ercole, who is my trusted guide who lives in Abruzzo and is an expert on all the treks and walks in this region. You can find below a list of activities for the month of November. We are also going to spend New Year’s in Villavallelonga (, Abruzzo. It will be a wonderful 3 days in the mountains celebrating winter. We will also take walks in the snow and look for wildlife. If you’re interested in joining us, please private message me. Stay tuned, as I will soon release a programme of activity for 2017. November in Abruzzo 19 and 20 November 2016 National Park of Abruzzo Following the footprints of the Marsican bear ( and the chamois ( of Appennini Mountains 19 November 2016 Walking on the Camosciara tracks (, in the wild beauty of National Park of Abruzzo 20 November 2016 Excursion of Mount Amaro of Opi ( 26 and 27 November 2016 Natural Park Sirente Velino ( Walking through history and peaks 26 November 2016 Walking through Alba Fucens ( 27 November 2016 Excursion on Serra of Celano (

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    What we're about

    Thanks to Antonio's thorough knowledge of the Italian territory, we can organise LOW COST treks and hikes in various areas in Italy, such as Abruzzo, Tuscany, Alps and Dolomites, and natural parks. During these events we work out in the open air, camp, march, do a variety of mountain sports, and eat lots of delicious Italian food!

    Getting away from the frenzy and pollution of city is pivotal to keep yourself physically and psychologically healthy, and a few days immersed in a natural park or hiking in the mountains is the perfect break. The excursions are organized in parts of Italy that aren't touristic, and therefore are affordable, clean, respected and absolutely gorgeous. It's easy to spot bears, deers, steinbocks and a variety of other wild animals. You'd love it.

    You do not require to be well trained or perfectly fit: all levels of fitness are accepted as long as you don't have a heart condition or some serious medical issue. If you feel unfit and wish to train before leaving for a trip, Antonio can prepare you for a great adventure, as he is also an experienced Personal Trainer.


    Dirty Boots is about health, endurance, team work, building resilience and learning how to face our day-to-day challenges. We believe that a good physical shape and a healthy lifestyle can be achieved if you have the right support system and somebody that can help you understand how to push through each workout, one step at the time. This will lead to a feeling of happiness and confidence, that will influence every other aspect of your life.


    ​The relationship with nature is becoming more and more important, as the city life can be frenetic, stressful and demanding. Getting out of the city and challenging yourself with a walk in the Italian mountains is exactly what you need to feel balanced, comfortable, and at peace. We can learn from the bears and the wolves who live in the natural parks of Italy: they eat what nature offers them and live in peace with all the other elements, allowing a balanced environment that we lack in our everyday lives.

    Here at Dirty Boots we are not trying to steal your money or ask for more than what is necessary. We are more interested in creating a passionate group of people who takes pleasure in following us in our treks and that keeps in touch.

    In Italy we have connections with hostels that are nestled in hidden, gorgeous places that are not hit by inflation. The personal trainer workouts have a much lower price that what is on the market because they are mostly held outdoors, with hardly any equipment if not a few kettlebells and elastics.

    We don't need sophisticated machineries or sweaty gym rooms: we only need a pair of strong boots to get dirty! Your own body weight and nature itself give us the space and the strength training that we really need.


    When Antonio isn't on an adventure in the Italian mountains, he holds low cost training sessions and bootcamps in London. They can either be one-to-one or group lessons, according to the goals and needs of the participants, and they are mostly held in Hyde Park, London. There are no fancy machineries, nor sophisicated tools: just your body weight and a couple of kettlebells, but your boots will get dirty alright!

    Each training session is bespoke for the people participating in it, and is tailored to meet your goals.

    Bootcamp is an activity that we periodically integrate into our annual training program, where every person aims to find and overtake their limits, improving their mental and physical condition. It's a march and run while carrying a backpack, survival techniques, orienteering, camping.

    In London, we organise Bootcamp every Sunday at 2pm at Hyde Park: we meet in front of the Albert Memorial and the session lasts about 1.5 hours.

    Dirty Boots' method combines workout exercises, motor coordination work, and self-defense techniques. This aims to condition the body and the mind: it improves the ability to manage stress, fear and anger brought on by external events, such as an attack or a trauma.

    Close combat teaches you to keep safe, and to use martial arts techniques for self defenseand stress management.

    The Conditional Psychic workout is a method that is used to improve mental awareness during high pressure situations.

    This kind of workout is adopted in operations carried out by the special forces during their training. One of the activities of the Special Forces that tests the body and mind’s resilience is Bootcamp.

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