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Hello Hikers,
Please bring a mask along just in case you can't stay 2 metres/6 ft apart. Thanks!

Happy hiking and best wishes.

Brendalee...your Organizer.

Greetings ... Welcome to this Beginners Hiking group. Please post a recent picture of yourself due to security reasons. If you get lost, we need a recent picture, plus I won't know who you are. Thanks!
The hikes go rain, shine or snow. Thunder Storms, snow storms and freezing Temperatures are the only times the hike will be canceled. If the hike is canceled, you will receive an email if you are going and also it will be posted on the message board. 
This Meet-Up group hikes once every 4-5 weeks on Saturday mornings. Hikes start at 10am and summer hours 9:30am. Most hikes are for 1 hour unless specified on the hike, or about 3.8km. Most hikes are for 1/2hr and then turn back, Some hikes we do a loop, but all hikes we return to where we start/Park.

Afterwards you are more than welcome to join us for coffee or a light lunch. All information is posted on the hike.
All you need is a pair of running shoes or boots in winter and water. Please dress appropriate for the weather. Since this is a beginner group nothing more is required. Bug spray and sun screen is suggested in the summer months. Water is also suggested.

Directions with GPS are posted right along with the hike under the app map.

There is $2.00 fee per hike to help maintain this site, only if you are going for that particular hike. Pay in person at the hike.

Please DO NOT post on the hike if you are not going and to why, just change your RSVP.

Please feel free to contact me Brendalee, your Organizer, with any ideas you have with regards to hikes that are of interest to you and also how to improve this site.

****Transportation is your responsibility, you may post on the hike in the comments area for that hike if you are looking for a ride.

So welcome, join us for some fun and trekking around this beautiful area. The hikes are easy and well maintained. 
Bring your friends/guests along and friendly pets are welcome too. Kids under 16 are free.
I look forward to seeing you there!

P.S ... you can check out Brendalee's credentials and story here: https://www.inyourhomefitness.com

In consideration of you joining this group and permitting to participate in this event/hike, I hereby take action for myself, my executors, administrators, heirs, next of kin, successors, and assigns as follows: (A) Waive, release, and discharge from any and all liability for my death, disability personal injury, property damage, property theft or actions of any kind which may hereafter accrue to me or my traveling to and from this event, THE FOLLOWING ENTITIES OR PERSONS: PRIMA, (INSERT OTHER INVOLVED ENTITIES), and their directors, officers, employees, volunteers, representatives and agents, the event sponsors and event volunteers, (B) indemnify and hold harmless all entities or persons mentioned in this paragraph from any and all liabilities or claims made by other individuals or entities as a result of my actions during this event/hike.

Upcoming events (4+)

Hike the Little Tract Trail

Little Tract - Main Entrance

Little Tract Trail is one of the best known and beloved trails in the Township. It is owned by the County of Wellington. There are a few hills on this trail. Please bring bug spray.

This hike goes for 1 hour or about 3.8km. Guest and Friendly pets are welcome.

Located on the west side of the Township, this 200-acre tract has a number of trails through the gently rolling terrain.

A parking lot along the north side of County Road 34 holds several cars. We should be able to fit everybody in.

Stand on a rock pile surrounded by 50-year-old trees and you have to admire the courage and persistence of the people who cleared fields that would only produce crops for a few years before the wildness struggled back.

The Little Tract is owned by the County of Wellington. It’s a popular walking spot. A clearly marked trail that was once a farm driveway runs through the property.

Lots of side trails may leave you in an unmapped tangle of cedars, please stay with the group. stay on the main trail going and returning.

Expect the usual maples and pines, but this woodlot is quite diverse — look for hemlock, basswood, ash and black cherry. Also look for the odd patch of poison ivy.
How to get there:

Go North 2km on Townline Rd. in Cambridge to Wellington Rd. 34 Turn East and go about 2.5km and the entrance of the trail is on the left.

There is a parking lot about .1 km down the road. Information provided by the county of Wellington & Dufferin website.

Afterwards, you are more than welcome to join me for coffee or a light lunch. After the hike just wait for me and I will let you know where we will go for coffee.

Happy Hiking and Best wishes,

Brendalee ... your Organizer.

Hike the Huron Natural Area 9:30 am Start time.

Huron Natural Area on Trillium Road Kitchener

We did this hike in the Winter, but the trails were very icy. Please bring bug spray. This area is a gem, there is so many things to see. Huron Area (HNA) is an awe-inspiring destination for nature lovers, families, trail walkers, photographers - and those looking to experience nature in the city.

Our city's largest and most valuable natural area, this 107-hectare site, located at 801 Trillium Dr., on the south side of our city, includes:

Strasburg Creek, one of our only coldwater streams

Provincially significant wetlands, forest, meadows and significant species

Scenic hiking trails, boardwalks and lookout areas

An amazing natural and cultural history

Remember to be a good steward

When visiting the Huron Natural Area, please remember to be a good steward and do your part to keep this area healthy and enjoyable for everyone:

Stay on the trails. Do not I repeat...Do Not go near the shore or on the covered ponds.

Always keep your dog on a leash

Pick up after your pet

Do not remove plants or animals

Huron Natural Area Trail - Kitchener

Latitude/Longitude: 43° 23' 57" N , 80° 29' 1" W

The Huron Trail is located in an attractive park with diverse features and facilities. The park itself is a gem surrounded by residential, commercial and industrial development. The Red Trail is open all year, and begins with a large parking lot, a picnic shelter, and modern washrooms, which are open from late April to the end of October from dawn to dusk.

I look forward to meeting you on this hike.
Best wishes and happy hiking,

Brendalee...your organizer

Hike the Rail Trail from Glen Morris towards Cambridge. 9:30am start time.

Paris to Cambridge Trail Trail

This is a beautiful hike along the Grand River to do in summer. This hikes goes for 1 hour. We will be meeting in Glen Morris at the end of Forbes Street and hiking towards Cambridge.
Please drive to the end of Forbes Street to park. Parking lot is on your right. Friendly pets and guests are welcome. Don't forget your bug spray! Also please bring a mask along just in case you can't keep 2 metres apart.

Glen Morris: The old railway station site provides a parking area and information kiosk about mid-point along the trail, at the end of Forbes Street (formerly called Washington Street for old GPS) in Glen Morris. A general store is located nearby.

The trail follows the Grand River through lush Carolinian Forest with spectacular river overlooks en route. The trail is level, finished with fine gravel, and provides an easy path for cyclists and hikers. Benches are provided in some areas.

We will be meeting for coffee after the hike at Melville Cafe and you are more than welcome to join us there. Directions to Melville website: http://www.melvillecafe.ca

Happy hiking and I look forward to seeing you there!
Brendalee...your Organizer

Hike the Grand Truck Trail Starting at River Bluffs Park. 9:30 am Start time.

River Bluffs Park, Cambridge, Ontario

This is one of my favourite hikes and I try to do once a year with this Meet-up Group. Please bring bug spray. Please be aware that we are in our summer hours, so hikes start at 9:30am. We will be parking at the River Bluffs Park near the Cambridge Rowing Club.

This hike goes for about an hour and 15 minutes Rain or shine, just not thundershowers. I will post on the message board if this happens.

This is an easy beautiful walk along the Grand River, with lots of parking.

Guests, children and Friendly pets are welcome.

Home to the Cambridge Rowing Club, across the river are the towers and parapets of Galt Collegiate Institute, and then under the 1879 Credit River Railway bridge. The first large bridge entirely manufactured in Canada. Leaving the park, you will be walking atop a flood dike or levee.

Levees and concrete walls guide the Grand River as it flows through the downtown area. This protection was constructed as a result of the 1974 flood

As you travel along the Grand River down the Davidson Quarry Rampway, look for examples of the heart shaped Galt Fossil embedded in the limestone bluffs.
The trail continues along the river to Riverbluffs Park, home of the Cambridge Rowing Club and the site of our annual "Riverfest" celebration. Features include parking, washrooms, playgrounds, picnic and boat launch facilities. The trail continues along George Street to the Parkhill Road Bridge where it meets the Living Levee Trail.

After the hike you are more than welcome to join me outside at Melville Cafe for coffee. Here is the directions to Melville Café. http://www.melvillecafe.ca/directions.htm

Best wishes and Happy Hiking,

Brendalee…your Organizer.

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Hike the Cambridge Rail Trail Starting at Petro Canada gas bar.

Cambridge to Footbridge