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Hiking Around Philly is different from most hiking groups because we hike off the beaten path. We hike in the woods and the city. We go places that won't be found on any hiker's map. The events are usually within a 1.5 hour drive from Philly, though we sometimes visit NYC or the Jersey shore. Sometimes we might head out for a week or so of exploring in a more exotic location.

And, we do a lot more than hike; we explore. Whether it be a trail in a park or a back alley in the city, we always look for neat things, and we find them. Did you notice the 25 foot dinosaur made from pink suntan lotion bottles? We take time to appreciate a beautiful tree, a low flying eagle, or a hickory horned devil (look it up). We visit museums, historic houses, bakeries, battleships, and other neat places. We appreciate architecture, sculptures (Philly has more than any other US city, yea!), or whatever we find near our path. After a hike we often eat at a special place. And, we rarely repeat ourselves.

Fearless lost explorers and sidney (fleas) are curious. This group is not for people content to only go down one trail and up another, nor for people happy to take the same or beaten path. This group may also be different because only one person leads hikes, gets folks lost, and does the bulk of administrative work. So, please read on (https://www.meetup.com/HikingAroundPhilly/pages/1628347/Important_Information_About_Each_Hike/) to make sure you want to be a proud one of the proud FLEAS (Fearless Lost Explorers & Sidney).

There is a charge for each event and a special inexpensive calendar year fee that includes most events, not all. I started the Hiking Around Philly Meetup group to have fun hiking and socializing with people. At my own discretion, members who habitually interfere with these objectives will be removed.

Upcoming events (5+)

Brunch Hike - The Tasty

The Tasty


Please bring enough CASH to pay the bill. Be there on time or earlier. (http://www.meetup.com/HikingAroundPhilly/pages/Dining_Out_At_Events/)why. Please CLICK HERE (http://www.meetup.com/HikingAroundPhilly/pages/Important_Information_About_Each_Hike/) before rsvping. I love a good breakfast or brunch. We will meet at a different great breakfast place, then head out for a 1.5-2 hour hike in the restaurant area. If you just want to hike, meet us at the restaurant 30-45 minutes later. I often drive in early or go by train, so contact me for details. I usually take the Chestnut Hill West train. If I drive, we carpool from Hill House (201 W Evergreen Ave, Phila) one hour before. Each carpooler usually chips in $3 at the start. Best to email me ([masked]) 3-4 days in advance and receive a reply.

Dinner Hike - Schlesinger Deli

Lloyd Hall


We'll hike from the Art Museum to Schlesinger's Deli, 1521 Locust. Please CLICK HERE (http://www.meetup.com/HikingAroundPhilly/pages/Important_Information_About_Each_Hike/) before rsvping. We will take a route that lasts for 2-2.5 hours towards the restaurant. We eat then head back. If you want to meet us at the restaurant, keep in touch by cell or comments on the site. We usually arrive around[masked]pm but plans can change. Afterwards we usually walk for another 1-1.5 hours. Often the total distance is over 10 miles. To carpool from Hill House (201 W Evergreen Ave, Phila) we usually meet an hour early. To confirm email ([masked]) me 3-4 days in advance and receive a reply. Please chip in $2-4 if you carpool. CAUTION: If you haven't recently hiked at least 4 miles, then you should first try one of our shorter duration hikes.

Friday Wissahickon Chestnut Hill Walk

Hill House Apartment Homes


2-3 hours, 5-7 miles, some hills, small alleyways and streets, some trails Please CLICK HERE (http://www.meetup.com/HikingAroundPhilly/pages/Important_Information_About_Each_Hike/) before rsvping We'll take a 2-3 hour loop walk through the Wissahickon Chestnut Hill area. Caution: You should be able to walk 2-3 hours without much of a break. You should have recently hiked 6 miles in conditions detailed above.

Phoenix Sedona Trip

Phoenix Meetup Place


One week hiking + events in Phoenix and Sedona Arizona. See details below. I'm staying with a friend in Phoenix who will put up 2 other folks on cot or couch. We'll hang with him - hike, eat - for 2 days before we head to Sedona. You can stay with him if there is space, or book your own place in Phoenix. For the Sedona part of the trip we need to rent a car and rent a place. I already rented a car, $[masked] depending on how much insurance I purchase. Additional car costs include $.85 for each additional mile over 600 miles. Gas, tolls, etc are also shared. This should be under $100 total. I will rent Air B & B apt or house for the group at the latest on Jan 21st. We share these expenses. Hiking: There are lots of mountains in the area. We will do easy to moderate hikes of 2- 5 hours in duration. We may break it up into two 2 hour plus hikes each day. Bring a 3 liter hydration pack or lots of water bottles though the weather will not be hot this time of year. You need hiking shoes, not sneakers. Schedule Sat Feb 23 Arrive Phoenix, Sun Feb 24 Hike Phoenix area Mon Feb 25 Hike Phoenix area Tues Feb 26 Head to Sedona, Wed Feb 27 Hike Sedona Thurs Feb 28 Hike Sedona Fri March 1 Hike Sedona Sat March 2 Head to Phoenix Sun March 3 Head home Please CLICK HERE (http://www.meetup.com/HikingAroundPhilly/pages/Important_Information_About_Each_Hike/)before rsvping. Go to this URL to pay: https://www.meetup.com/HikingAroundPhilly/pages/1467425/Pay_Via_Paypal_or_Credit_Card/ Qualifications *You must be able to hike 8-12 miles per day at the appropriate pace or 4 hours in a hilly area per day, less mileage. •We will not rush, but we will not dawdle either. Following the leader involves going at my pace. •You must follow all Hiking Around Philly rules stated above. View them via the link "Please Click Here." Costs, RSVPing, Payment deadlines: 1. You must be a yearly member, $18 fee, to sign up. I will only respond to folks who are yearly members. 2. "Comment" or email me if you are interested. I will contact you with payment info and request info about your hiking ability. 3. Pay the Trip Event Fee, not refundable, and the $200 Signup Fee, which will be used to pay shared expenses. The expenses may be more than this minimum. Any excess will be promptly refunded. Any additional cost must be immediately paid. a. Estimated Shared Board for Phoenix, 0 with my friend or whatever you want to pay for private board elsewhere. It will be first come (first pay), first serve to stay with my friend. b. Estimated Shared Board for Sedona, Air B&B,[masked] per night, c. Estimated Shared Car rental fee for week: $75-150. Additional shared car costs includes gas, tolls, extra mileage fee (almost $1 per mile), etc. 4. On Jan 21, I will make final arrangements for board. All additional board payments are due immediately. Any excess will be returned. 5. If there are bank charges for your payments via paypal, then you will have to pay these. To avoid bank charges make the payment to "Friends and Family". 6. Each Individual arranges/pays air fare to Phoenix and back. Southwest offers free baggage; non-stop best choice. Many people have recommended a Jeep Tour to amazing park areas in Sedona which costs $50-100. A Grand Canyon day tour may be in same range. You always have the option to do your own thing, but the whole point of this group venture is to hike as a group. You can contact me via email, [masked]. Make sure to give me your real email address and cell number. By the way, notice the guy on the ledge in the above photo: that's not me! I'm a bit afraid of heights.

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Lorrimar Park to Pennypack ERT

Lorimar Park


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