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Lyrid Meteor Shower + Hiking Grand Canyon South Rim (All Levels-Camping/Lodging)

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Photos credits: Grand Canyon by Bob Pasadena and Meteor Shower by Jimmy Westlake

***Our group campsites will take 50+ people, and we also booked rooms. We welcome you all joining us, so put your name on the Waiting List with notes of camping/lodging and carpool: drive/ride, it'll help us to arrange easier. Use the discussion board only if you like the whole group to read you or else contact friends that you know on the RSVP list directly for carpool and share room discussion. Thanks!

Let's have a "grand" experience of viewing a Meteor Shower and being at/hiking the Grand Canyon (one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World) ALSO ENTRANCE FREE DAYS TO NATIONAL PARK WEEK! We go the 1st weekend: Sat. April 21-Mon. April 23, 2012

Photos from last hikes:

1. Grand Canyon South Rim April 2010 (

2. Day Hike Grand Canyon Rim to Rim June 2011 (

PLEASE READ: We are gearing this trip toward everyone in the group whether you are experienced hikers who don't mind being flexible with the hiking schedule while at the Grand Canyon or a first timer who has never been to the Grand Canyon just for sightseeing. We arrange lodging/camping/carpooling if you don't have any friend in the group. If you plan to share a room and carpool car rental, we'll collect non-refundable total cost of lodging and carpooling by Tuesday April 17 as after that day, we get full charged if cancel rooms and carpool partners have to pay more if participants in a car drop out last minutes. Please see below for estimate cost. To have a head count for booking rooms and cars, please indicate when RSVP whether you will camp, lodge, drive (how many you can take) or ride. To secure a camping space, please pay a $5 non-refundable deposit (paypal to JohnR: To avoid Paypal fees, please chose the option "I'm sending money to family or friends" and form of payment must be "Paypal balance or bank account".)

Tentative Itinerary: Please read "Grand Canyon Three Day Trip with HikingOC (!/2012/03/grand-canyon-in-3-days-version-1.html)" for more details. Meetup locations for each day and time are subject to change when we are in Grand Canyon.

Day 1 Sat. 4/21: Drive to Grand Canyon, set-up, relax, sleep early either at the Mather Campground or the Yavapai Lodge. Group meetup for a scenic drive at 4PM Grand Canyon Visitor Center. Group dinner at campsites: 8PM.

Day 2 Sun. 4/22: Hiking day. Please read "Day Hikes of Grand Canyon South Rim Trails (!/2012/04/day-hikes-of-grand-canyon-south-rim.html)" for additional information

***3AM (optional) meet at Yavapai Point for viewing Meteor Shower. (Meetup location may change. We will discuss at dinner at group campsites)

***5AM meet and get ready to take the first shuttle at 6AM from the visitor center to the South Kaibab trailhead for the day hike. (The drivers will drop the cars at Bright Angel trailhead parking.) The intermediate plus/advanced hikers go for South Rim Loop: down South Kaibab trail, up Bright Angel trail 16-17 miles loop. Elevation loss/gain: 4800/4400ft Duration: 3-5 hours to the campground hiking down; 5-8 hours to the top from the campground hiking up.

*** 9AM meet at Bright Angel trailhead for the intermediate group day hike. The beginners group either join the intermediate and do a shorter route or will have options touring the park (1-10 miles)

Dinner and Group Campfire at the Mather Campground

Day 3 Mon. 4/23: wake up late, breakfast together-break camp-drive home.

Read here to find out your hiking levels: What is the difference between skill levels? (

***You have options for lodging and camping:

1)We reserved rooms at Yavapai Lodge for either double occupancy 2 queen beds or cheaper if 3 or 4 sharing a room.

2) We booked group campsites at at Mather group campground, bring your own tent and camping gears (hot shower and flush restroom)

***Transportation: The drive is at least 8 hours one way from Orange County. Please make carpool arrangements in advance in private with your friends or put notes if you need a ride or offer to drive. We'll have car rental for you to share the cost or help to pay gas for the driver (the driver gets free charged of gas)

***Estimate Cost: $150-$300 depending on your lodging option.

1. Camping: $10/person for 2 nights

2. Lodging: for 2 nights per person: $150 double occupancy or $100 triple occ. or $75 if 4 sharing. Please pay by Tuesday noon 4/17 via paypal to Very important that when you send the payment, send it as PERSONAL and either from your BANK ACCOUNT or PAYPAL BALANCE. If you do not follow this, there is a charge of 45 cents for the $5 transfer.

3. Carpooling: $60-$70/person for gas w/o car rental or up to $100/person with car rental

4. Food: at your own cost, there is a convenient store, and restaurants at Grand Canyon Village.

What to bring: 10 hiking Essentials (, wear hiking clothes (loose shorts/pants), swiming clothes, hiking boots or shoes, sandals, hat, sunscreen, water, snacks, food and camping gears.

If you need to buy Hiking Gears: check out with Sport Chalet, REI for quality gears: shoes, clothes and camping gears or short term use gears at Target or Walmart with decent price. You can see them online before going to the stores to check out.

Other facts:

Mather Campground: lies beneath a tall canopy of Ponderosa pine trees, providing most campsites with ample shade. The campground is one mile from the rim of the canyon. A visit to the canyon during sunrise and sunset yields spectacular views of yellow, orange, red and violet hues in the canyon walls. Layers of rock display billions of years of geologic history.

Weather in Grand Canyon:

Hiking trails in Grand Canyon:

Day Hikes Grand Canyon National Park:

Inside the Canyon:

South Rim Lodging:

South Rim Campground:


***By joining the meetup, you agree to Meetup Terms of Service releases the Organizer and Assistant Organizers from any liability related to incidents that occur at Meetup gatherings*** > YOU acknowledge THAT WE ARE NOT PROFESSIONALS. > YOU ASSUME RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR SAFETY Hiking is a rewarding and pleasant activity in nature, but there are certain dangers you should be aware of. Those include, but are not limited to, trip and fall injuries, bee stings, poison oak exposure, ticks, mountain lions, coyotes, snake bites or wildlife. By signing up for this event, you agree to hold harmless the hike organizer, assistant organizers and other participants for any injuries sustained during this hike***

For those who haven't done the South Rim trails, here are photos of Bright Angel Trail down to Phantom Ranch, and up along South Kaibab or vice versa

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