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It's been a long time since we've used meetup. Let's see if it still works. (Since we're paying $180. a year for it. lol) This year Linda is going to be more available so we should have more meetups. This first one will be an hour-ish just visiting and getting familiar. Jeromy and Linda have been talking about making Paranologies equipment available to rent. We may do a trial run at this meetup, but bring what equipment you want to use just in case. Always remember to at least bring a flashlight. Linda will have a set of Dowsing rods to use. Bring a beverage (non alcoholic) and snack if you like. and always remember spare batteries. ha ha We've had an awful lot of activity this last few months and then we had one group that had no experiences. Then we had personal experiences ourselves, so you still never know what you are going to get at HHM

Hill House Manor

N. Denton St · Gainesville, TX


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    This group meets at Hill House Manor. You may meet people you want to form into a paranormal team. Or you may just want to investigate Hill House Manor once a month or even just once in a while. Or you may want to get involved with Hill House Manor. Here is the perfect place to find out. The meetup is becoming a great place for different teams to come together, share ideas, see new and different equipment and how it works, talk about procedues and techniques and software. Come to Hill House Manor to investigate, share stories and evidence with fellow investigators and hunt the inhabitants of the paranormal realm who hang out here! We have a lot of non corporeal residents who love to talk into digital voice recorders. :) Many of you know Hill House Manor. If you have suggestions for the group, PLEASE, chime in. Email me or start a discussion. We want this to be fun, interesting and rewarding for everyone. Let me know what you want for and from this group. Thanks, Linda and, of course, check out

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