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We are a local coalition of concerned and engaged citizens ready to fight against Trumpism and for the integrity of the principles and institutions of constitutional democracy: free speech; a free, independent and robust media, the ethical use of political power, and the principle that facts are knowable and matter--to name just a few. We start with the recommendations of the Indivisible movement (www.indivisibleguide.com) as a template for exerting our individual and collective political power, and go from there to make it our own. Please join us.

*UPDATE* There's tons of interest in this group, which is great! In an effort to reduce the number of group emails flooding our inboxes, the group messaging feature in Meetup will be disabled as of February 20th 2017. If you would like to send a message to the entire group membership, please email hillcrestindivisible@gmail.com and one of the co-organizers will assist you. If you need to contact an individual group member, you can message them directly on Meetup by going to the "Members" tab and clicking on their name.

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PROTEST the SCOTUS process

Your home

We need 4 Republican Senators to side with the Democrats. If you have family, friends, or relatives in PA, North Dakota, or South Carolina, we need YOU to get them to call their senator EVERY DAY until Oct 29 (final confirmation vote) using the following script. The senators are Pat Toomey (PA), Kevin Cramer (North Dakota), Tim Scott (So. Carolina). Here's the script: "Hi, my name is _________. I'm a constituent of Senator ___________. My zip code is ___________. I am very angry that Trump is trying to appoint a justice when the Republicans agreed in 2015 that no sitting president should make an appointment in an election year. This process is a sham and hypocritical. I want Senator _________to oppose this process and vote NO on ANY appointment. The next president should make the appointment. Thank you for listening." Of course, your family/friend can add comments like Amy Coney Barrett is against the ACA and will remove our healthcare in the middle of a pandemic!!!! Last, but not least, call Senators Feinstein and Harris of California and urge them to use ALL means (including procedural delays) to oppose any appointment. We need a full court press on this!

SAVE THE DATE & BRING YOUR BALLOT: HI Leaders Discuss State & Local Propositions

We progressives have spent the last couple of years talking about candidates for elected office from U.S. President to San Diego City Council and everything in between. But it is still very important to pay attention to the many propositions we, as voters, will weigh in on on both the state and local levels. We voters have an opportunity to express ourselves on specific policies and we need to take that opportunity seriously. Hillcrest Indivisible members and friends will devote the bulk of our October meeting to discuss those propositions. Our Steering Committee members have researched the details of these measures to help us understand better understand what some of the issues are behind these proposals. And, of course, we will have a final update on the outlook for those candidates we support in this most important of elections in November. Those we elect will be in a position to either help out country recover and get back on track in all areas or will be able to continue driving our country away from democracy and constructive action on our country's serious social justice, environmental, health, and financial challenges. A link to the meeting will be mailed in a few weeks to all HI members. To join Hillcrest Indivisible, go here: http://bit.ly/2nzlUQe

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Vigil for RBG: "May Her Memory Be A Revolution"

1100 Union St

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