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We are a local coalition of concerned and engaged citizens ready to fight against Trumpism and for the integrity of the principles and institutions of constitutional democracy: free speech; a free, independent and robust media, the ethical use of political power, and the principle that facts are knowable and matter--to name just a few. We start with the recommendations of the Indivisible movement (www.indivisibleguide.com) as a template for exerting our individual and collective political power, and go from there to make it our own. Please join us.

*UPDATE* There's tons of interest in this group, which is great! In an effort to reduce the number of group emails flooding our inboxes, the group messaging feature in Meetup will be disabled as of February 20th 2017. If you would like to send a message to the entire group membership, please email hillcrestindivisible@gmail.com and one of the co-organizers will assist you. If you need to contact an individual group member, you can message them directly on Meetup by going to the "Members" tab and clicking on their name.

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Request for Calls: Open the Government! "NO!" to the Wall Expansion!!

Alert!! Trump needs to stop holding government workers hostage for a useless wall expansion. Unfortunately, we haven't been calling our senators and representatives lately. Instead, they have been hearing a lot more from Trump supporters who want to spend $5 billion more to expand the wall. Don't assume our legislators won't cave under pressure. Your voice needs to be heard! Our legislators need to know we're out here and we care. Call our Members of Congress DAILY to tell them to say "no" to the wall expansion. If you can't do it every day, be sure to do it this Wednesday when Indivisibles all over the country will be participating in a national call-in effort to get our voices heard!! Be sure to RSVP showing that you will make at least one set of calls. We can't just wait on Mueller or the other investigators to solve this Trump problem for us. We must keep the pressure on! We have to keep pushing! All times Pacific. Easy-peasey--2 minutes per call. If leaving message, leave all info as below. Script (or in your own words): "My name is (real first and last name) and I am a constituent in (real zip). I am calling to urge the senator (or representative) to continue trying to open the government WITHOUT funding Trump's ridiculous wall expansion. Thank the senator (or representative) for standing firm." Call #1: Senator Feinstein (one call to either office) 6 am-2 pm, DC office,[masked] OR 9 am-5 pm, SD office:[masked] Call #2: Senator Harris (one call to either office) 6 am-2 pm, DC office,[masked], option 3 OR 9 am-5 pm call SD office:[masked] Also call your representative today. Call ONLY the representative in your district. If you're not sure who represents you in the House of Representatives, go here: https://bit.ly/2jE77BE REP. SUSAN DAVIS (Congressional District 53) (one call to either office) 6 am-2 pm, DC office, (202)[masked] am-5 pm SD office (619)[masked] REP. SCOTT PETERS (Congressional District 52) (one call to either office) 6 am-2 pm, DC office (202)[masked] am-5 pm, SD office (858)[masked] REP. JUAN VARGAS (Congressional District 51) (one call to either office) 6 am-2 pm, DC office (202)[masked] am-5 pm, SD office (619)[masked] Thank you for making this a priority!

Hear Women of Color Leaders Discuss "Running & Winning!" at Roar Benefit

Jacobs Center For Neighborhood Innovation

Join us for the second annual "Women of Color Roar" sponsored by our colleagues at Indivisible Watu. A panel of dynamic women leaders will speak: California Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, San Diego City Council President Georgette Gomez and San Diego City Councilmember Monica L. Montgomery. A complimentary continental breakfast will be served. Women of Color Roar 2019 is a Black History Month celebration of the historic elections of Women of Color--from London Breed becoming the first African American female mayor of San Francisco to a record number of WOC in the freshman class of Congress. Although we have made gains, there is much work to do. How is it possible that there have only been two Black women in the Senate in 200 years? And how are we going to eliminate the barriers that have kept us from electing a Black woman governor? Join us as these dynamic leaders reflect on 2018, a banner year for women of color running for office, share insights from their own campaigns and shed light on the required groundwork for the 2020 election. Last year, 300 attended--get your ticket before they are sold out! Tickets are $54 with a portion going to provide scholarships for young WOC to attend--last year, 80 young women were sponsored. Get tickets here: https://bit.ly/2FxN95g

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