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Autoimmune Disease is rampant in our society. This group is designed to explore all the ways to incorporate healing practices to promote overall feeling of health and well being. This group will support healthy eating, explore holistic avenues for healing, and share wellbeing concepts that have made a difference in their own lives. WE can heal! Let's support each other as a group to make it happen. Alone in a high stressed, processed food, negative messages around us which feed into autoimmune disease, we need each other to stay on track to living a life that is healthy, wealthy and wise.

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Discuss how Autoimmune Affects our Lives and Ideas for Healing

Looking at the mind, body, spirit approach, this group meeting will share healing perspectives and support each other in living the delicious life. The delicious life focuses on promoting delicious thoughts that are uplifting to the spirit, promoting an anti-inflammatory diet support system and sharing ideas and supporting each other into living a life we love.

Louise Hay's concepts from her book "You Can Heal Your Life" will be discussed.

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