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Massage exchange for professionals and competent amateurs
For more than 3 years now, we have been supporting each other's mental and physical health in this network of peers. Please join us. Feeling shy? Voice your concerns and we will will make sure it's a positive experience for you. We have established a culture of respect, trust, and clear communication. For sure, you will leave feeling more relaxed, balanced, and whole. We will have a brief time of sharing before partnering up to give and receive a massage - 1 hour each way. Women are invited to partner with other women if they choose, or with someone they know and feel at home with. It's all about the receiver - the giver is taught to put aside their own agenda and attend to the needs of the "client". ALL EVENTS THIS YEAR WILL BE FREE but cool if you can bring a towel or two and save me the laundry. I have some new ideas for maintaining the deeply respectful and comfortable vibe of past events. I'll be managing the guest list more closely to ensure a balance of gender and experience. At least half of the attendees will be regulars who understand and embody the ethos of the group, and wholeheartedly welcome and guide the newbies. There will be separate free classes for beginners to learn basic massage technique and to develop interpersonal skills such as building rapport, reading body language, putting ego aside, and holding a safe space. This is NOT a place to hook up or find romance. Please report any unwelcome attention to the organisers.

Embodied Emotion

6 Melrose Road East, Hillsborough · Auckland

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    This is my greatest pleasure, and my offering to the world at this time: to bring together a small group of caring individuals with an interest in body therapies.

    I host two regular gatherings: one for practitioners with training or experience in massage, and another for newbies who want to show kindness to others in this way.

    The Practitioner's Massage Exchange is a chance for people who give to receive a little, to experience massage from other traditions, and to learn something from each other.

    The Beginner's Massage Workshop is to learn the basics of Swedish massage and to develop sensitivity, and an ease and confidence in massage - qualities that can bring a nurturing, healing quality to the massage you give.

    All sessions are hosted at my home in Hillsborough. I usually provide a light meal of soup or salad, and there will be a fire on cold winter nights.

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    Hamish Kempthorne.

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