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Who’s interested to learn more about investing for profit; and increasing revenue streams to build their portfolio. Is this you?

In our monthly group we discuss investing through real estate hedge funds and joint ventures. This is the arena to have all your questions answered as we dive into the power of these exciting investment strategies.

Learn from Blake Robbins as he shares from his experience as a hedge fund manager with millions of dollars under management and over 1000 projects completed to date. "I have been in the real estate hedge fund and investment world for over a decade. In my early years I operated a myriad of companies ranging from Construction Companies, to Mortgage Banks, Franchise Business and Development, and Financial Services. I built my previous fund to a level of earning accolades such as "most valuable company" in Silicon Valley's Angel Capital Expo. I have a passion for mentoring other entrepreneurs in the investing world.”-Blake

Who knew investing could be so fun?! Our meetings are designed to help you learn about the investing world, why we choose real estate, update you on our current projects, and provide a relaxed environment to learn and network with other new and experienced investors.

Join us as we uncover what a hedge fund is, why they are so successful, why they are safe, and why investors choose this option over trying to do it all themselves. Learn about the power and opportunity of organized real estate investment funds. Share knowledge and insight with other investors that make our fund a benchmark of success.

We will often cover these topics along with many others:

Project analysis and ROI

Market strategies, where to look

SEC guidelines for Real Estate Funds

What big investors really look for in a deal

What an LLLP Fund is and tax structure

What a Joint Venture is and how it works

Common mistakes of inexperienced fix-n-flippers

These types of funds are a powerful way to achieve your financial and retirement goals much faster than traditional retirement options. Put your IRA to work and generate a larger return.

Your best days are ahead.

**Parking is best under the El Gaucho garage. The doors to Skyline Tower are at street level next to El Gaucho restaurant. We will have a social networking hour following our discussion and you will have the opportunity to validate your parking with the restaurant*

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Come Join our Boardroom Chat!

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Come Join our Boardroom Chat!

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