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The business of filling and finding a job has evolved into a booming industry where the concept of "FUN" need not apply. Welcome to Hiring Happy Hours & Board Games! Each month, a desired company and/or industry will be featured during happy hour at a local spot for anyone interested in networking with those professionals or perhaps working at that company. Current employees and industry insiders will also attend so that the interested candidate have multiple resources for "getting the foreal deal," about that company/industry.


Instead of the same old mindless chatter of rehearsed happy hour shtick, we will play board games. YES, BOARD GAMES! How confident are you? Do you break under pressure? Are you a team player? A SIMPLE board game will bring all of that out.

So if you are looking for a different way to find or fill a job, then welcome to your newest meetup group!


NETWORKER: You know you never know when your next opportunity will be, so you enjoy going to events where you can expand your network and build new relationships within industries that appeal to you.

JOB SEEKER: You are stressed out about trying to find a new job, and not because there are no jobs, but because there are SOOO many ways to search for new jobs that it becomes overwhelming. You find yourself giving up and convincing yourself that you can give your current job another 6 months. Plus, when you do finally apply, you're stuck with the inevitable reality that you may not even be contacted because you are just 1 in hundreds of applicants on someone's recruitment dashboard. Use these events to make yourself REAL!

HIRING MANAGER: You are OVER the old school ways of searching for qualified candidates who fit the company's culture. Is literally become the BANE of YOUR EXISTENCE. Even after the candidate has been interviewed, you still have no idea who you're really hiring. You find yourself putting the top 20 candidates' names in a hat, and praying to the job Gods that it will all work out. Use these events to get creative with the process while engaging your current employees!

INDUSTRY INSIDER: You currently work in the featured industry, but are not the featured "hiring company." However, your knowledge and guidance is super useful for anyone who wants to break through the digital wall these awesome jobs hide behind.

Upcoming events (4)

Sunday Funday: Board Games & Brunch

Arlington Rooftop BAR and Grill

Whether you are off for President's Day or not, join us for a special Sunday Funday version of Board Games & Brunch. I'll bring my games to keep us entertained, and we'll enjoy some Meetup Mimosas! This meetup will be posted on multiple groups.

President's Day Trivia Night at McGinty's

McGinty's Public House

Join us at McGinty's for a special President's Day version of Trivia. If you'd like to take advantage of happy hour, feel free to come before 7pm. For those that come early, I'll bring some games. Trivia will start at 7pm, and we'll form teams as ppl arrive.

Musical Trivia/Bingo Taco Tuesday

Tommy Joe's

Have you ever had an artisan taco? Believe it or not, Tommy Joe's in Bethesda makes some of the best tacos in Bethesda. I kid you not! Join us at Tommy Joe's on the 1st floor and try some for yourself. While we enjoy our tacos, we'll break off and play Musical Trivia Bingo. Think the perfect merger of trivia and bingo. 1st beer is on me!

Beer & Board Game Night


Let's end your busy week on a high note! Join us for board game night at Tapp'd in Bethesda (formerly known as Union Jacks). We will grab something to eat and drink, and then play some games. We'll have the back room to ourselves, so I can break out the really good ones this time! Plus they have basketball, ski-ball, pool, and other bar games. 1st beer is on me! This meetup will be posted to multiple groups.

Past events (55)

Valentine's Day Beer & Bowling

Lucky Strike Bethesda

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