What we're about

Come join the ever-growing HEMA community and learn martial arts with ancient origins!

We are the Honolulu chapter of Schola Saint George, an international non-profit school of Historical European Martial Arts. Our goal is to preserve and practice the medieval and renaissance fighting techniques, primarily that of 14th century Italian swordmaster Fiore dei Liberi, but also 15th century Italian master Philippo Vadi, 16th century master Joachim Meyer, and many more. Classes are led by professional fencing instructor Colin Chock of Salle Honolulu and include instruction in Italian longsword fencing. Anyone of any skill set is welcome to join our classes; No experience in martial arts or sports is needed!


“What should I bring?”

-Athletic clothes, closed-toed shoes, and water. No fencing gear needed at first. We have club masks and gloves that you’re welcome borrow. However, if you happen to own a fencing mask please bring it.

“Help! I can’t find you guys in the park”

-There’s map on the main page. If you search for the Diamond Head Tennis Center we practice right in front of the parking lot on Paki Ave. GPS coordinates are (21.2623302, -157.8182012). Enter that into Google maps and you will find us ;)

“How much does it cost to join?”

-We kindly ask for $10 per session (or $30 per month if you prepay). This helps us cover the cost of loaner gear. You may attend any class without joining Schola Saint George, but if you wish to spar you must join the national SSG organization and pay a $35 yearly fee for membership and insurance. The waiver can be found here


“Do you fight with real swords?”

Everyone starts with nylon swords, but members may purchase and use their own steel feders once they have learned the basics.

“Are you LARPing?”

-Nope!! Longsword fencing is a dangerous, full-contact martial art much like kendo. No magic here.

“What about my own gear?”

-If you happen to own a fencing mask, bring it! If you fall in love with longsword fencing and want to stick with it we have a list of approved gear to buy.

“How often do you meet?”

-Three times per week, but the largest MeetUp is on Sundays.

“Do you guys do other kinds of fighting?”

-Longsword is our bread and butter, but we also cover rapier, spear, rondel dagger, and grappling.

“Are you guys affiliated with the SCA or the Golden Horde?”

-Not officially, but we often coordinate events with them. The SSG originally branched off from the SCA.

“What kind of gear will I eventually need for this sport?”

-To participate in the normal weekly drills you will need HEMA-rated fencing mask and protective gloves. If you wish to spar with steel or fight in a tournament you will need a 350N rated gambeson, a throat protector, elbow/knee/shin pads, and a cup and/or breast protector. We have a list of approved brands/gear, just ask us!

“Do you wear metal armor?”

-Yes/Sometimes. We do study armored techniques (Armizare/Harnischfechten) when enough students have appropriate gear. We don't provide any as a club and currently only a few members have metal armor. You're more than welcome to acquire your own and we are happy to give recommendations of blacksmiths to purchase from.

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Upcoming events (4+)

Lightsabers and Longswords

Kapiʻolani Regional Park

Come join us for our weekly joint practice with the Hawaii Saber Academy to have some fun with lightsabers. This is a student-led night and will be free-play and sparring. New students are welcome.

We’re across the street from our normal practice spot. You’ll find us below the lamps near the banyan tree and near the parking lot. Check the pin below for details.

Weekly Practice in Kapiolani park

Kapiolani Park


Come learn a historical martial art with SSG Honolulu! All are welcome. We will be covering Italian Longsword and Rapier. No gear or prior knowledge needed for beginners. We’re happy to teach and share with everyone.

Please RSVP so we know to bring enough gear. You can find us directly in front of the Diamond Head Tennis Center at picnic area #3 Mauka. Check the map for details.

German Longsword Basics with Alex

Diamond Head Tennis Center

Welcome to first series of SSG sponsored German Longsword classes! These are companion classes to our normal Italian Longsword group in which we will be studying and comparing the German school of fencing (Kunst des Fechtens) in the Liechtenauer tradition. We will primarily work from Joachim Meyer’s 1570 “A Foundational Description of the Art of Fencing”, widely considered the most comprehensive manual on renaissance longsword fencing of the era. If you wish to learn competition-style longsword this is the class for you! These classes will happen at the tail end of our normal Sunday MeetUp.

No experience needed. Only water and athletic clothes.

History and l'arte de spada

Point Panic

This is the program for more historically minded practitioners of the sword. We will learn history by doing it. Our goal is to fight well and look good doing it.

This class is driven by the following goals:
1. Progress through the Schola Saint George. Teach to the curriculum and administer tests as needed to allow students to learn and grow.

2. Inspired by the Company of Saint George, we will have the goal of competing in and hosting tournaments where we can exercise our prowess. To this end, we will strive for exceptional swordsmanship and a superior presence on the field. Students will be encouraged to work towards high quality, historically accurate kits. In the far future, I see us traveling to events held on the mainland and elsewhere and kicking butt when we get there.

There are no prerequisites to join, we encourage as many as possible to join, but there are equipment and armor requirements to test and move up in the structure.
Also, we wish to continue the spirit of inclusion, so students should continue to attend other meeting, classes, practices. This includes SSG, SCA, HEMA, and others.
This should be a fun, intense get together to give students the tools to then go home and practice or do research.

Class structure:
Please be armored up and ready, we will begin promptly at 5pm. We will do 30-45 minutes of focused drills and plays in preparation for advancement tests.
Then will be 30-45 talk story session. We will discuss plays, armor, history, general Fiorian knowledge, etc. This will be a directed discussion, lecture, and/or question and answer period.
The field will then be open to free sparring. Helmet time is crucial to be a great fighter.

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History and l'arte de spada

Point Panic

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