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History buffs of Seattle unite! Every 3rd Thursday of the month, we gather to discuss fascinating insights on history with expert speakers and novice history fans, alike. All are welcome!

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History Café: The Teen Dance Ordinance and Youth Political Action

In 1985, Seattle’s vibrant all-ages club scene was abruptly quieted by passage of the Teen Dance Ordinance. Young aspiring musicians could still play in venues like community centers, but it wasn’t the same as the club scene. Youth activism grew, culminating in a series of public meetings where youth and famous allies, like Krist Novoselic, formerly of Nirvana, spoke out in favor of all-ages clubs. The campaign led to the replacement of the Teen Dance Ordinance with the All-Ages Dance Ordinance in 2002.

Join us for a panel discussion about the history of Seattle’s all-ages venues, how youth activism swayed the city council, and the campaign’s lasting impact on Seattle’s music scene.

Register Online: https://mohai.org/event/history-cafe-the-teen-dance-ordinance-and-youth-political-action/

History Café: Challenges and Successes of Documenting the Pandemic

It’s been a year and then some. Historical organizations have grappled with how to document and preserve history while living through it. What is collected today shapes the way stories will be told for the future but there are unique challenges facing those who attempt to make sense of the recent past. Join heritage organizations to learn about the lessons learned from this singular moment in history.

Register Online: https://mohai.org/event/history-cafe-challenges-and-successes-of-documenting-the-pandemic/

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