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Finding How to Live Truly! Introduction to Hochiminh Meditation!
Our Meditation changes human mind to infinite universe mind and thus is being reborn as the body and mind of the universe. If you are reborn as the Universe you will eternally never die. Is There Anything In The World That Is As Important As Living Forever? The human mind is a picture that man has taken of the world, and his self lives inside that picture. Therefore, if you get rid of that world of pictures, you become the Universe Mind. It is necessary to be born as the Truth which is the body and mind of the universe in order to live eternally. 7 Levels of Meditation Our Meditation has the method to live forever. The solution is subtracting the human mind. Level 1: Throwing away remembered thoughts Level 2: Throwing away images of myself, images of human relationships, and myself Level 3: Throwing away my body Level 4: Throwing away my body and the universe Level 5: Throwing away my body and the universe Level 6: Myself disappears and become the Universe Level 7: Throwing away the hell world which is the picture world and myself living in the world Only the Origin remains Reborn from the Origin (Reach Human Completion) What are the universe mind and human mind? “Until now, it was an age of adding in a false world. Adding or having only leads to more suffering. Now we must subtract our minds and return to the Universe by subtracting.” - Our Meditation Founder Woo Myung Website : Facebook : Tel :[masked] /[masked] Email : [masked]

Hoang Anh Thanh binh Apartment

B26-12,Hoang Anh Thanh Binh Apartment ,D4 Street, Tan Hung Ward,District 7 · Thanh Pho Ho Chi Minh

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Hello. we are people who practice Meditation in HoChiMinh City!
Our Meditation is changing human mind to universe mind living happily without stress.
Every time we open a free seminar for everyone.
Come and discover 'what is the mind?’ and 'How can i improve myself and my life by changing the mind.’ Our Meditation is a unique method emptying the mind to change human mind to the universe mind and live forever happy as the truth.

Call or email us to reserve your free introduction! :)

Ho Chi Minh Meditation Center
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