What we're about

This group is about getting the support we need to BREAKTHROUGH obstacles & challenges that keep us STUCK. It is about empowering people to create the quality of life that they are seeking!

To Live is to Grow! To be human is to evolve. When we get stuck, we end up with dis-ease. Our energetic flow gets clogged up & sometimes we need some help to get that flow going again!

House of Healing Center of Light offers many opportunities to receive support--specifically in the form of tools and methods for self empowerment--so that life is as full and rich as it can be!

Certified Healer & Guide Vila Loukas is the organizer & manager of this group.

Every month, Vila will be kicking off a discussion about taking our self care to the next level by focusing on different themes. Some upcoming examples include:

* Activate Your Life: Unlock your purpose!

* Conquering Depression

* Becoming A Healer (of Self & Others)

* Triumph Over Addictions

* Healing the Past

* The Journey of Self Mastery

You are invited to participate in the ways that work best for you!

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