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My Name Is James Bene and I am an Intuitive Reiki Master and healer and owner of Bene Mudra Wellness in Hoboken and LA!

I started this group in the beginning to bring reiki and other healing modalities to the people of Hoboken, NJ. There were not many meditation and like minded healing groups in the community so I thought I would start one.

I have great experience teaching and working with clients with reiki, intuition and spiritual mentoring and so on. I hope this group will allow for any guest to let go of all that might be blocking them from achieving their greatest and most abundant self.

The group is open to everyone who wishes to find balance, cultivate joy and connect with their authentic selves!

We are an events calendar and offer our own online and in-person classes, events, meditation circles, reiki training weekends and other metaphysical and spiritually based happenings!

Feel free to submit your healing or wellness events to us to be considered for promotion. Let’s spread the light!

Stay Blessed and be illuminated 🔥🔥💥🧚🏿‍♀️

James Bene

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Cosmic Creativity! Zoom Series

Online event

please use this link to register and pay: https://www.benemudra.com/events/cosmic-creativity-2022-01-09-11-00

Are you a creative? Artist, actor, singer, writer, etc who is working on a project..or wish to start flexing those creative muscles but feel stifled in some way? You would be surprised to learn that your subconscious doesn’t always have your back! Let’s release those blocks so that you can connect to your cosmic creativity easily and effortlessly!

James Bene is the owner of Bene Mudra yes, but is also a singer songwriter/performer who is in the process of releasing his first debut album! He fully well understands how to get out of his own way when it comes to creativity. In this 4 week experience, James will teach you methods to channel your creative energy into beautiful manifestation. Each week you will delve into energy work, share your creativity, receive feedback and set conscious creative goals…all in a safe and supportive environment.

This series is for anyone who wishes to improve upon their creative selves period! If you do not have a specific goal, no worries! Perhaps this series will help you find what you are meant to do creatively! Be prepared to play and be yourself! A no judgement zone!

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Cosmic Creativity! Zoom Series

Online event

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