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Hello Ladies! This group welcomes gay ladies of all ages and intends on organising at least 2 MeetUp events each month – light walking / strolling / bird watching / pub stop & a creative event. I know I am not reinventing the wheel here but I thought it would be better to test the ‘water’ for demand before promising the moon.

There is also - available - what I have called a 'hijacked' event. Any members can call that card and I will put their event on here for them. I may not attend as I have other engagements such as concerts, TedTalks but in essence, if all you want is a mate to go for a walk with by the canal... then don't hesitate to ask me to put the event up.

So, wait no longer to get in touch and increase your social circle.

A little bit more about the organiser: my name is Katy and I have a vast array of interests which I don’t do as often as I would like. Currently doing a weekly drama musical and choreographed dance course in Central London, I must admit that the bit I enjoy the most is the drama part of the course where we do a lot of improv driven activities. Note to self: I am not into drama in real life, I tend to steer well clear of those!

I enjoy cycling, trekking, playing squash, card games as well as Dungeons and Dragons role play, bird watching and, of course, I love a good movie. I have a keen interest for anything relating to human behaviour hence studying Person Centered approach/NVC, Laws and Criminology/Profiling. I have a curious mind and this means that I have touched on many trades and hobbies in my life – so, if there is something you would like to do, let me know!

My dream one day: have debate nights, cooking session nights, making a short movie... ? I know.. eclectic..

Mwah XOX

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