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Hello Ladies! This group welcomes gay ladies of all ages and intends on organising at least 2 MeetUp events each month – strolls / bird watching / cycling (off-road) & a creative event. I know I am not reinventing the wheel here but I thought it would be better to test the ‘water’ for demand before promising the moon.

NEW: August 2020 - We all move on and things change so I have cleared the slate, all 50 previous members have been emailed and put on a separate list if you wish to join an event, just let me know. All new individuals interested in joining, please note that you will be added as members after having attended an event, so message me to get the details if you are interested in coming to one. The reason being: this group has a max capacity of 50 so observers will not land here..

There is also - available - what I have called a 'hijacked' event. Any members can call that card and I will put their event on here for them. I may not attend as I have other engagements such as concerts, TedTalks, etc, but in essence, if you want a mate to go for a walk by the canal for example or anything else really... then don't hesitate to ask me to put your event up.

So, wait no longer to get in touch and increase your social circle.

A little bit more about me: my name is Katy and I have a vast array of interests which I don’t do as often as I would like. I have just finished a course in theatre drama which I have thoroughly enjoyed. I've picked up the violin again but only to practice A, B, C, D... meaning what a 4 years old can do. Ah!

I enjoy cycling, trekking, playing squash, card games as well as Dungeons and Dragons role play, bird watching and, of course, I love a good movie. I have a keen interest for anything relating to human behaviour hence studying Person Centered approach/NVC, Laws and Criminology/Profiling. I have a curious mind and this means that I have touched on many trades and hobbies in my life – so, if there is something you would like to do, let me know!

My dream one day: have debate nights, making a short movie... ? I know.. eclectic..

Mwah XOX

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Bonfire - Build and Burn!

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Canal Walk - Lee Valley - Broxbourne Area

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