What we're about

Hello Hodlers!

A decade since the advent of Bitcoin and we are proudly among the first..still figuring out regulations?!.. Jeez! We are a group of crypto enthusiasts who have been hodling our crypto(sorry XRP, no shitcoins) raring to make our first transaction, right here at home, in a truly decentralized ecosystem.

Who should join?

-If you are among those still trying to figure out what blockchain/cryptocurrency is all about then we are here to navigate you through plethora of information in this growing domain . We aim to address the current sentiments surrounding cryptocurrencies in India and provide a practical, educated approach to better understand all aspects of it.

Everyone in Between

-If you are among the prime movers of the crypto revolution in India, building something awesome, let us root for you. We will be engaging in ideation session and collaborating in projects that make Bitcoin and other "legitimate" cryptocurrencies more than just an investment tool.

What we intend to do?

• Explain the math and economics behind Bitcoin and how it could well become the global currency.

• Emphasise aspects of Bitcoin security that are crucial to be understood to exercise better control of your funds.

• Hold Advanced Bitcoin workshops related to Bitcoin's Lightning Network usage.

Why this group?

Current meetup groups surrounding crypto are primarily focused on the trading aspect of it or the ubiquitous blockchain technology. They have moved a step ahead without giving due attention on what bitcoin as a decentralized blockchain technology can offer the world.

Our interactions outside of the core community have been quite interesting. On one end there are the masses that are unaware of the duality i.e. the inseperable Blockchain and cryptocurrency. On the other end, the authorities in the technology domain are emphasising on private blockchains which are not too different from an SQL database. "Blockchain" has become a buzz word and while we love the technology, we understand it is not an essential for every project.

Currently it seems futile to talk about Bitcoin as a future form of money because of the legal and regulatory hurdles put forward in the country. Humans love their comfort zones to the extent that they dismiss going the extra mile to put our grey cells to work.

We are here to try and make a change and do our Bit (get it?) to advocate possibly the most advanced software technology to ever be created. (including the Internet). We are a bunch of passionate crypto freaks that have been following the industry for many years and understand it's long term potential. If you are like us or just trying to get your foot in the industry, do join us! It is upto you how the future pans out.

Disclaimer: Talking crypto is our Oxygen but we do not involve ourselves with shitcoins that can hurt the industry. Please DYOR before divulging in mainstream hysteria without thinking.

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