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The Holacracy Meetup Group is for everyone interested in learning more about this new organizational methodology for agile, purpose-driven companies that entails no managers. During our events, we want to exchange knowledge, thoughts and ideas about Holacracy, which replaces the top-down control paradigm with a new way of staying in control by distributing power.

The meetup is co-created by Springest (http://springest.nl/) and Energized.org (http://energized.org/en/), the former being the first organization to adopt Holacracy in the Netherlands, the latter specializing in the facilitation of implementing Holacracy in 40 companies across Europe to date.

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Sneak preview: Holacracy adoption the modular way #19

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[ !! changed date! Oct 28th -> Nov 18th!! ] Hi all, We hope that you're happy and healthy. We've planned the next online Meetup. Again, it will be short and sweet with an opportunity to have a casual chat after the Meetup. The topic is one of the most common points of conversation in the life of Holacracy: do you need to go all-in or, could you also use a modular approach? Critics named the all-in approach dogmatic, not practical, and too big of a difference for people in the office to learn. HolacracyOne is the company behind Holacracy practice. They've been working on developing a modular approach for providers (like Energized.org) to support organizations with that transition towards Holacracy. During this international Holacracy Meetup, Michael DeAngelo from HolacracyOne will share some of his developmental work on the modular approach. This very fresh and innovative piece of work will give you a new perspective on the transition to Holacracy. So are you curious? Do you consider starting with Holacracy, but only the meeting format, or describing roles? We invite you to join us! Good to know: Drop-in We'll open the online space 15 min before we start (19.15 open, 19.30 start). So if you want to test your connection or ask a question, you're welcome. The link You'll see the link to the Zoom room if you hit the RSVP button. For who This Meetup is open for everybody who is curious about navigating your organization and the process of change. It might be especially useful for business owners, CEO's, and change agents. See you there? Hit the 'attend online' button. Take care, Paula Nordhauzen [masked] PS don't hesitate to ask for more information about Holacracy if you're a newbie and curious. It's not required but we'd love to share.

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