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The Holacracy Meetup Group is for everyone interested in learning more about this new organizational methodology for agile, purpose-driven companies that entails no managers. During our events, we want to exchange knowledge, thoughts and ideas about Holacracy, which replaces the top-down control paradigm with a new way of staying in control by distributing power.

The meetup is co-created by Springest (http://springest.nl/) and Energized.org (http://energized.org/en/), the former being the first organization to adopt Holacracy in the Netherlands, the latter specializing in the facilitation of implementing Holacracy in 40 companies across Europe to date.

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Holacracy X Freedom

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Topic: Holacracy X Freedom
Holacracy doesn't tell you anything about your HR practices, like how many hours in a day people should work, holidays, or even where to work.
At Luscii - a digital healthcare platform - everybody works remotely, and you can take as many days off as you want.

Joris Janssen (Culture Setter and Guard, HRchitect, Compensation Developer, among others) shares their experiences and how it has been this way as a company practicing Holacracy. Did Holacracy help? What is difficult? And who decides on this?

During this Meetup, we'll have a group conversation, and we invite you to bring your questions.

About Joris Janssen from Luscii
Joris is one of the co-founders of Luscii. He has been the architect of Luscii’s way of practicing self-management, and was the one who introduced Luscii to Holacracy 3 years ago. With COVID-19 as a katalysator he's been exploring the power of freedom for the people at Luscii, leading to a four-day workweek for everyone with a full-time salary, a fully remote team, unlimited holidays, asynchronous work, and no managers. Luscii’s employee engagement is consistently in the top 5% of companies, with very little sick leave and minimal turnover.

About Holacracy coach Koen Bunders
Koen Bunders is a Holacracy coach, an inspired trainer, and fond of the implementation profession. He supported the Luscii team when they adopted Holacracy a few years ago. He is also very interested in personal self-management.

The Green On book
Together with his colleague (Daan Dohmen) and three members of the Dutch Special Forces, Joris wrote the bestseller GREEN ON about the most fun and effective way of working. Green On is now available in English at Amazon and in Dutch at all major book stores.

Please let us know what you would like to know from Koen or Joris when you hit the rsvp button!
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Let's meet on June 14th or reach out.


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